The 12 Days of Chill Out

To celebrate the coming of the Winter Solstice we will be streaming some of our favourite sets from 2020 every day at 20:00 GMT from the 21/12/20 to 1/1/21. At what might be stressful and difficult time we thought sharing some beautiful films and music might provide some calming escapism, and a chance to connect with the lovely Chill Out Tent community. Here’s the schedule…

Join the stream via Mixcloud Live and Livefrom at 20:00 GMT /21:00 CET

21st – Jura Sound System (Adelaide)

22nd – Lone Star @ Bonobo (Tokyo)

23rd – Hear & Now (Italy)

24th – Rocksteady Disco (Detroit)

25th – Jose in the Sky (Ibiza)

26th – DJ Calm – (Tokyo)

27th – The Chill Out Edition #9

28th – Baliaric FM (Bali)

29th – Ruf Dug

30th – Je Suis Anglais

31st – Sunset Soundsystem (San Francisco)

1st – Sheepwatch in the Clouds

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