Our Friends in Detroit…

Another stop on the North American section of our global Solstice event this weekend will be Detroit, where our hosts will be Blair French, Peter Croce and the Rocksteady disco crew. One of the spiritual homes of electronic music, the city will be the backdrop to their set of ambient, balearica, afro and hazy house.

On the line from Detroit Blair he gave us a personal flavour of what’s happening for him right now;

“We were recording last night on a roof overlooking Grand Boulevard, that’s the street to the UR building and past FIT distro, Moodymann, Tangent Gallery etc. Caught a big brother drone in the sky watching us, that was surreal. It was a much needed night with everything going on here. Thanks for including us in this special event. As the protests and awareness march through our country and beyond. Layers of vibrations turning tears to hope, as fears soak in bravery, we see courage grow from clay like soil. Two things I didn’t think I’d see in my lifetime: Detroit’s rebuilding and a global uprising. We’re watching the chess pieces move…”

We wish Blair, Peter and all the Detroit crew all the best and are really looking forward to their section of the weekend’s programming.

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