Cocktails Around the World #2 – Grapefruit Sangria

Preparations continue for our next event, the ‘Chill Out Tent Around the World’ Summer Solstice stream on the 20th June and like any good party we’re giving some thought to the drinks to serve.

Friend of the Chill Out Tent and food & drink guru, Stuart from the fabulous Disappearing Dining Club has his second recommendation for us. Inspired again by our Ibiza sunset session and after-party, this Grapefruit Sangria looks perfect for sipping on the terrace of our finca out on the campo…


Vodka                                                                    60ml

Spanish Brandy                                                 60ml

Freshly squeezed lemon juice                     60ml

Apple juice                                                          70ml

Pink grapefruit juice                                        70ml

Simple syrup*                                                    80ml

Passionfruit syrup                                            30ml

House white wine                                            250ml 

Pour all ingredients into a 1 litre sangria jug, over ice.  Stir with a wooden sangria paddle and garnish with a whole, sliced pink grapefruit. Serve into small rocks glasses. 

*Simple syrup / sugar syrup / gomme syrupEasy to make at home; 

  • Equal parts white granulated sugar and water
  • Dissolve sugar in water in a warm pan of water
  • Cool in fridge before use

We’d suggest pairing this with a gorgeous mix from Phat Phil Cooper, Ibiza resident, DJ, and label boss who’s been with the Chill Out Tent since day one. See you at the ‘Around the World‘ event next week, you’re on the guest list OK?

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