Our Friends in Thailand…

Another stop on our global Summer Solstice streaming event next week will be to visit our friends in Thailand. Our host will be Bangkok based DJ Maarten Goetheer, he’s been in Thailand for 15 years and has has positioned himself at the heart of the Asian Dance Industry. He is the founder of Sabai Sabai Radio, the in-house programmer for Underground temple BEAM, Music Director at Hi-Fidelity Music Room Lennons and the curator of Wonderfruit Festival’s Ziggurat stage. Here’s a lovely playlist he’s curated for us, with a Thai spin on downtempo, sunset sounds…

Maarten recognises similarities between the laid back Thai lifestyle and that found in the Balearics. He named his online radio station after it: Sabai Sabai. The ‘Sabai Sabai’ attitude translates as letting go, taking it easy and it’s a life philosophy that celebrates the “Here and Now”. He finds that Thai audiences have an affinity with Reggae and Dub and that’s why he added some dubbed out Molam to this mix. For anyone interested in Thai Music he suggests that you check out Zudrangma Record Store! Thanks Maarten!

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