Edition #8 – A Tribute to Jose Padilla

This Sunday in Edition #8 of the Chill Out Tent for one part of our tribute to the original sunset maestro Jose Padilla we have a digitised and remastered original early 90’s cassette that Jose sold at Cafe Del Mar with added new visuals by film maker and Ibiza resident Cintifest. Cinti has produced a beautiful film, full of the landscape and atmosphere of Ibiza blending seamlessly with Jose’s mix.

Cinti is a video maker/videographer from Buenos Aires, who has been working for 15 years for broadcast tv companies (Much Music, Turner and MTV Latin America) and also made videos for William Djoko and The Wildest Dreams (one of DJ Harvey’s bands). Ibiza based since 2015, obsessed with pop culture and dance floors. 

Cinti says ‘It is such a huge honor to create visuals for a homage to Jose Padilla. I’ve only spoken to him once, and maybe was the only time I got shy to talk to someone. It could sound weird now, but at that time I felt I was talking to a hero. Much bigger than any other DJ. He is definitely a Founding Father of our culture. Rest in Power. Jose in the Sky with Ra.”

The original tape was bought by one of our team, who nagged Jose for track id’s until the great man reluctantly handed over his precious notebook of tracklistings long enough for the classic titles to be scribbled down. The mix is one that we’ve not seen previously online, we hope it provides a fitting tribute to our maestro of the sunset. It’s a seminal Jose collection, the Balearic blue print of ambient, electronics, classical, new-age, film scores and rock all going into the mix, can’t wait…

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