Edition #8 – The Dubtropical All Stars

We welcome Ibiza’s Dubtropical All Stars to our Chill Out Tent Edition #8 this weekend, they’ll be bringing some much needed sunshine and Summer to our dark and damp northern hemisphere winter, but who are they?

Originating from a pool of pro musicians backing a duo of two likeminded, Ibiza based DJs (that’s George Solar and Sadeedo) for their weekly summer residency, the Dubtropical Allstars became way more than just local balearic heroes more or less overnight & by accident.

For a special appearance of dancehall reggae legend Johnny Osbourne during the annual Ibiza Reggae Festival in 2019, the gang found themselves booked as Johnny’s backing band for the night and had three weeks to inhale on the better part of the Studio One catalog in order to not just do the job properly but instead rise to the occasion with bells on

Ever since, the eight band members have formed a tight unit on common ground, constantly morphing between freestyle funk-dub-jazz sessions, authentic reggae cover versions and organic original material.

“Live from the bubble yard” was recorded in the cozy backyard of the band’s recording studio during preparation of their first EP. The special excerpt edition for the Chillout Tent allows for a simple band’s eye view peek from the Algaroba tree overlooking that yard, as if you were there on that warm, sunny October afternoon somewhere deep in the Ibiza campo, crickets, chickens and all.

Paying tribute to some of their biggest musical influences (like Bob Marley and Herbie Hancock) plus presenting the most chill of their original compositions, the Dubtropical Allstars invite you into their yard for a spliff & a cuppa.

Welcome to the other side of Ibiza. Or was it the other sound? Nevermind & enjoy it while it lasts. More where this came from: soon come, as the rastamen say. Have a listen to one of the Dubtropical crew’s radio shows for a flavour of their sound…

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