Our Friends in Tokyo…

At 12:00 BST (20:00 JST) on Sunday 21st of June the 24 hour Chill Out Tent – Around the World streaming event reaches Tokyo. Our hosts for this section of the Solstice event are the balearic super group that is the Lone Star Crew. They are playing a session at the legendary venue Bonobo in the heart of the city.

Bonobo occupies an old two storey house near Harajuku. The first floor bar is equipped with vintage Altec speakers and a rotary mixer that was custom built in the 80s for the legendary New York DJ, David Mancuso. The second storey has tatami flooring and a beautiful set of Klipschorn speakers, it also provides access to a rooftop terrace.

The lone star crew consists of Dr Rob, Ken Hidaka and Max Essa, three veterans of the Balearic scene, all involved as DJ’s, producers and label runners. Their recent collaboration on the superb Music for Dreams compilation ‘Oto No Wa: Selected Sounds of Japan 1988​-​2018’ has certainly brought some wonderful Japanese music to a new audience. They host a regular party at Bonobo, obviously these are on hold currently. Amazingly they have been able to record a session for us at the venue and Born Balearic director Lily Rinae and her crew were there to film it. We’re really grateful to the guy’s for their support, get an idea of their sound in the mix below. Don’t forget to bookmark our streaming site ready for the weekend!

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