Our Friends in Manchester…

At 18:00 BST (19:00 CEST) on Sunday 21st of June the 24 hour Chill Out Tent – Around the World streaming event reaches Manchester. We are absolutely honoured to say that our host will be Mr Scruff! Dance music legend, Scruff refuses to be pigeon holed, saying he plays ‘hip hop, funk, soul, jazz, latin, disco, afrobeat, house, electrofunk, reggae, rhythm & blues, ska, in short.. good, varied, soulful music!’ Famous for his long, eclectic and awesome sounding sets DJ sets and original productions, he’s also known for his visual flair as as a designer and cartoonist.

Given his reputation for such open minded playlists who knows what Mr Scruff will play on Sunday for the Solstice celebrations? But you know it’ll be good! He might even play some material from his just released DJ Kicks compilation more information here. Get a flavour for what to expect with the mix below from when he played at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide festival.

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