Our Friends in London…

You might have seen him mentioned in our lineup announcement for our THE CHILL OUT TENT – AROUND THE WORLD event this weekend, we’re honoured to welcome chill out legend and ambient pioneer Mixmaster Morris to his Chill Out Tent debut.

Morris is playing at 16:00 BST (17:00 CEST) on Sunday 21st June, with a ‘Mixmaster Morris Goes To India’ set that was under wraps when we spoke, but he did confirm that it would be featuring some super rarities including a track by Haruomi Hosono, so definitely one not to miss.

Morris told us that he’s been enjoying the peace and quiet of lockdown in his central London base, but has been keeping busy with streaming sets, his regular Mixcloud shows and preparations for playing at the official Glastonbury online event on July 3/4. We’re really happy he’s been able to join us and hope you can too.

To give you a taster of Morris’s style, here’s a sublime mix he shared recently; an hour of the Art of Noise…

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