This is Hexagon Sun: A Video on Boards of Canada

In our November 2020 Edition #8 of the Chill Out Tent we featured the obsessive, forensic Boards of Canada documentary made by Unamused Pirate. It was really well recieved by all who watched it, so just in case you missed it or if you fancy another deep dive into the story of this enigmatic band, here it is. Hats off to Unamused Pirate, it’s a superb film and obviously thanks to him for letting us share his work with the Chill Out Tent Community.

‘I seem to have inadvertently made an almost feature length video on the Scottish Electronic band “Boards of Canada”. There are very few things I am passionate about to the level that I am about this musical duo. I’ve always wanted to make a long video outlining their discography and style, and now I’ve done it. The amount of time I’ve spent checking every word and cut in this thing is now beyond my comprehension, so if any mistakes remain I can only say I apologize. Factual inaccuracies are also something I’ve relentlessly checked and monitored, I can honestly say if any remain I had zero idea they weren’t accurate. I’m not in any way a professional in any field related to the making of this video, it was mainly an experiment for myself, to see if I could do it, and I feel proud of it at this point.’

Edition #8 – Nordsø & Theill

We welcome Copenhagen’s Nordsø & Theill for their Chill Out Tent debut this Sunday as part of our Edition #8 Event. We’ll be sharing a recent performance from an amazing cultural centre in the city called Refen, a must for visitors when travel restrictions are relaxed.

NORDSØ & THEILL are an acoustic experience with electronica and beats.
Since the late 1970’s they have both been influential key players in Copenhagen’s jazz scene as well as in international circuits, recording and performing with such greats as Santana, L. Subramaniam, Jan Akkerman and George Duke to name but a few. Check their stunning music via their Bandcamp below and join us on Sunday for their live set.

Edition #8 – A Tribute to Jose Padilla

This Sunday in Edition #8 of the Chill Out Tent for one part of our tribute to the original sunset maestro Jose Padilla we have a digitised and remastered original early 90’s cassette that Jose sold at Cafe Del Mar with added new visuals by film maker and Ibiza resident Cintifest. Cinti has produced a beautiful film, full of the landscape and atmosphere of Ibiza blending seamlessly with Jose’s mix.

Cinti is a video maker/videographer from Buenos Aires, who has been working for 15 years for broadcast tv companies (Much Music, Turner and MTV Latin America) and also made videos for William Djoko and The Wildest Dreams (one of DJ Harvey’s bands). Ibiza based since 2015, obsessed with pop culture and dance floors. 

Cinti says ‘It is such a huge honor to create visuals for a homage to Jose Padilla. I’ve only spoken to him once, and maybe was the only time I got shy to talk to someone. It could sound weird now, but at that time I felt I was talking to a hero. Much bigger than any other DJ. He is definitely a Founding Father of our culture. Rest in Power. Jose in the Sky with Ra.”

The original tape was bought by one of our team, who nagged Jose for track id’s until the great man reluctantly handed over his precious notebook of tracklistings long enough for the classic titles to be scribbled down. The mix is one that we’ve not seen previously online, we hope it provides a fitting tribute to our maestro of the sunset. It’s a seminal Jose collection, the Balearic blue print of ambient, electronics, classical, new-age, film scores and rock all going into the mix, can’t wait…

Edition #8 – The Dubtropical All Stars

We welcome Ibiza’s Dubtropical All Stars to our Chill Out Tent Edition #8 this weekend, they’ll be bringing some much needed sunshine and Summer to our dark and damp northern hemisphere winter, but who are they?

Originating from a pool of pro musicians backing a duo of two likeminded, Ibiza based DJs (that’s George Solar and Sadeedo) for their weekly summer residency, the Dubtropical Allstars became way more than just local balearic heroes more or less overnight & by accident.

For a special appearance of dancehall reggae legend Johnny Osbourne during the annual Ibiza Reggae Festival in 2019, the gang found themselves booked as Johnny’s backing band for the night and had three weeks to inhale on the better part of the Studio One catalog in order to not just do the job properly but instead rise to the occasion with bells on

Ever since, the eight band members have formed a tight unit on common ground, constantly morphing between freestyle funk-dub-jazz sessions, authentic reggae cover versions and organic original material.

“Live from the bubble yard” was recorded in the cozy backyard of the band’s recording studio during preparation of their first EP. The special excerpt edition for the Chillout Tent allows for a simple band’s eye view peek from the Algaroba tree overlooking that yard, as if you were there on that warm, sunny October afternoon somewhere deep in the Ibiza campo, crickets, chickens and all.

Paying tribute to some of their biggest musical influences (like Bob Marley and Herbie Hancock) plus presenting the most chill of their original compositions, the Dubtropical Allstars invite you into their yard for a spliff & a cuppa.

Welcome to the other side of Ibiza. Or was it the other sound? Nevermind & enjoy it while it lasts. More where this came from: soon come, as the rastamen say. Have a listen to one of the Dubtropical crew’s radio shows for a flavour of their sound…

Edition #8 – Reuben Vaun Smith

Reuben Vaun Smith’s August release ‘Warm Nights’ has been gathering all kinds of (well deserved) praise since it’s release in August. It’s summery, timeless, freeform stuff and we love it here at the Chill Out Tent, so we’re honoured to be able to share a couple of new tracks from Reuben in our November event this Sunday.

Look out for a couple of awesome live tracks with a full band line up, we’ll hear ‘Eternal Return’ and ‘Disco Schiaparelli’ featuring Reuben and bandmates Connor Attack – Drums, Eddie Clayton – Synth Bass, Sakura Murakami- Guitar and Jelly Waves – Guitar. The band have rehearsed and recorded but never played live, here’s hoping we all get to see them play someday soon. A sunny Summer festival would be a perfect space to experience ‘Warm Nights’. Check the album via Bandcamp below… 

The Chill Out Tent – Edition 8

We’re back, on Sunday 29/11/20 for another online adventure, it’s Edition #8 of the Chill Out Tent. We’ve got another packed programme to share with you. There’s a really special tribute to the original sunset maestro, Jose Padilla; a deep dive into Boards Of Canada; an after party set from the legendary Sub Club DJ, Harri; new music from Balearic rising star Reuben Vaun Smith; and some very chilled moments from Ibiza’s Dub Tropical Allstars and Nordsø & Thiell.

Join the stream via Mixcloud Live and Livefrom at 18:00 GMT /19:00 CET

Turn on, stay in, chill out

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