S/A/M on Apple Music

The latest mix in our series for Apple Music is by S/A/M. Here’s what she says about it:

This mix flows from an almost meditative state moving through ambient and avant guard sounds that heal and stimulate the senses to chilled out jazz rhythms, trip-hop beats and haunting Spanish guitars before delving into deeper more sensual beats. There is a definite sense of femininity throughout the mix which comes from the grace and style of the artists featured. From the binaural sounds and therapeutic frequencies of composer and sound designer Hinako Omori to the experimental witchery of Scottish music artist CLAIR and including an upfront poetry rendition of Erica Jong’s Alcestis On The Poetry Circuit by vocalist and songwriter Vanessa Daou plus a cover version of Nina Simone’s Blackbird and also includes tracks by iconic women I grew up listening to. The mix explores themes of time, calm, love, desire, struggle, fun, frolics and the duality that is life.   


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