Dr. Rob`s Remedy / Music For Ukraine

I’ve written about this in more detail over at Ban Ban Ton Ton, but I`d just like to highlight a few projects, that have been put together by friends, associates, and musically likeminded souls, to help raise funds for humanitarian aid in war torn Ukraine. All the proceeds from these compilations are being donated to charities such as UNICEF`s Emergency Appeal and The Red Cross. 

Music From Memory’s Music For Freedom features 17 exclusives from artists with releases on either the label, or its sibling, Second Circle. These are largely mellow, ambient affairs, but Adam Oko`s High Press and Giuseppe Leonardi`s Angelo head straight for the dance-floor. 

Test Pressing`s The Sound Of Now collects a dozen cool, previously released jams – some of them highly sought after – from a long list of imprints closely associated with the website: Claremont 56, Deewee, ESP Institute, Futureboogie, Highwood Recordings, Lexx Music, Mysticisms, Phantom Island, and World Building, all contribute cuts, that in general are more uptempo than the MFM set. I guess the big coup, though is the until now unissued collaboration between Trevor Jackson and Billy Ray Martin, No Control. 

Thirdly, Wrekin Havoc are three Midlands-based friends, self-confessed “music fiends”, diggers of very rare vinyl, re-editors of European, Brexit-busting, Balearic pop, who have donated 5 prime pieces of their handiwork to charity. 

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