The Chill Out Tent x The Idler – Bring Back the Chill Out Room!

The Idler is the magazine for people who want to ‘slow down, have fun and live well‘, edited by writer Tom Hodgkinson. We’ve been fans of the magazine for years and when we wanted to tell the story of Chill Out culture we knew it would be the perfect home for the piece we’d been working on. So a few months ago we reached out to Tom, had a conversation about our shared memories of hazy chill out rooms deep in the mists of time and began planning our extended essay ‘License to Chill – is it time to revisit the Chill Out room?. The piece can be read in full in the July/August edition, it’s a seven page exploration of the rise and fall and inevitable rise again of these precious spaces. (You can Subscribe to the Idler here and get 26% off the cover price plus a free tote or order single issues here.)

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