The Making of T-Modet’s film

Here’s a little more detail about the making of and the motivation behind Barcelona based DJ T Modet’s film for us. You can see the set as part of Sunday’s Chill Out Tent Edition #7 livestream.

“T Modet’s music references always take us back to the origins. That’s why we went with a shooting team deep into nature, into a cave, a few kilometers away from Barcelona. As T Modet was playing her set, the birds were singing and the forest was shining. Then we went into the editing room and we mixed the set in the cave with T Modet’s favourite movie: “In The Land Of The Headhunters”. The movie is from 1914 and it depicts the adventure of a native american hero. As we were in the cave listening to the music and picturing the images of the movie in our heads, it really felt like going back to some lost roots that felt more familiar than one could expect.”

About the music: “This eclectic selection is made from balearic beat and electronic music. It’s an invitation to transport yourself into that cave and dance with your ancestors.” Watch the set with our streaming partners Livefrom and Mixcloud Live. See you on Sunday at 22:30 UTC on Sunday 25 October.

Still from In The Land Of The Headhunters

Here’s a recent set from T-Modet to keep you going ’till Sunday…

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