José Padilla / Forever King Of The Sunset

Ban Ban Ton Ton

José Padilla passed away on the evening of Sunday, October 18th. We all knew he was ill. So many people – 1000s – kindly donated funds towards his treatment and care. But colon cancer is such as cunt – one of those conditions where by the time the symptoms show themselves it`s often too late. 

In my opinion, José was the most influential of the “old guard” of balearic DJs – more so even than Alfie and Leo – because – I believe – that it was Jose`s “chill out” tapes that kept the idea of balearic alive – passed it on to subsequent generations – while the hazy halcyon days of Amnesia were something of a cult – confined largely to the memories of those that experienced them first hand. If you were born say after 1980, then your way into “balearic” was most likely via the Cafe…

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