Meet the Crew: HidyThing

We’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with some very talented and creative people in our events so far, and thought it was time to tell you more about them. The first of these introductions is to HidyThing, the creative team who create the lovely animated shorts you’ll see throughout our live-streams. We’ll let them tell their story…

HidyThing Comet for the Chill Out Tent Edition 4

‘HidyThing is the lockdown collaboration of Samantha Whates and Dylan White. Baulking at quarantine pressures to complete our respective magnum opuses and ‘all the things you can do on your sabbatical’ style think-pieces, we began playing around with new tools and programmes.

HidyThing quickly became a nice way to park our egos and show our workings, sharing roughs and sketches and things we’d often tend to hide, to entertain our friends. Digging deep through archives of demos, sketches, audio fragments, pairing forgotten vocal takes with fresh loops; we’ve been making the graphics in a rudimentary but very fun new animation app called Looom, close in spirit to old audio software like Reason or Fruity Loops: simple, accessible, maximum 5 layers and everything loops, and that’s about it. With longer form projects looming, these are the things we’ve made in hiding.’

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Hidything Flowers from the Chill Out Tent Edition 2

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