Lockdown Therapy

Music & Meditation with Nemone

As some aspects of lock-down begin to ease we thought it would be timely to reflect on some positives that have arisen in the world of music from this strange and disorienting period.

The challenges of isolation and stresses of new ways of living have found many seeking new coping strategies, and for many music has been a source of comfort and escape. But what if your favourite playlist or mixtape wasn’t cutting through the psychological stress and strain like it used to?

One solution was created by BBC Radio 6 Music’s electronic ambassador, Nemone who had a huge response to her #midafternoonmeditation features. Here she would lead listeners through a softly spoken guided meditation, featuring breathing techniques and visualisations intended to ground and calm the mind. The feature would then conclude with a selection of three suitably soothing downtempo tracks.

These features are a collision between Nemone’s long time broadcasting career and her work as a practising Integrative Psychotherapist, as she says ‘I have been doing more breathing and grounding work with my therapy clients through this troubling period. Combining these skills with music was an obvious step as I have been a DJ and broadcaster for 20 years and have often found calm and stillness in all kinds of music.’

She gained an undergraduate degree in Psychology at Manchester in the 90’s before she went on to focus on her life in music. She returned to study for an MA in Psychotherapy in 2013 and has been working with her own clients since then.

Nemone is not alone in synthesising electronic beats with mental health and well-being, she’s followed by other dancefloor pioneers like Tom Middleton and his sleep coaching and Bestival legend Rob da Bank’s move into yoga and meditation.

This combination of beautiful music and therapeutic practice is totally in tune with our philosophy here at the Chill Out Tent, and we really hope that Nemone can join us for one of our events soon. For now, have a listen to some of the sessions and let them take the stress away…

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