Cocktails Around the World #3 – COCO LOCO

Preparations continue for our next event, the ‘Chill Out Tent Around the World’ Summer Solstice stream on the 20th June and like any good party we’re giving some thought to the drinks to serve.

Friend of the Chill Out Tent and food & drink guru, Stuart from the fabulous Disappearing Dining Club has his third recommendation for us. Inspired again by our Ibiza solstice sunset session and after-party, this time it’s the legendary COCOLOCO.

This is a drink that always makes me think of early mornings in the back room of Manumission at Ku, this hedonistic after hours spot was named after this legendary cocktail and it’s euphoric properties.

Over to Stuart for his mixology lesson:

‘Is it even a cocktail?  I didn’t think so when I was serving them on the bar at Café Mambo 1999-2002 – but they seem to have a cult following and definite place in the hearts of ‘back-in-the-day’ visitors to Café Del Mar.  This the recipe we used on the bar;

Spanish brandy

Puleva Batida de Cacao (Chocolate Milk) 

Put three large ice cubes into ‘tubo’ style highball glass.

Pour Spanish brandy up to the top of the second ice cube (approx. 10 second pour)

Fill with chocolate milk and serve.’

…and just for old times sake, here’s mix from Coco Loco resident Griff with Alfredo from 1996

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