Sally Rodgers – The Chill Out Tent Playlist

Balearic icon and friend of the Chill Out Tent, Sally Rodgers (A Man Called Adam) has been kind enough to curate the latest addition to our archive of Spotify playlists, and it’s a beauty!

Life Like it’s Golden – A Playlist by Sally Rodgers

‘I had no particular theme in mind when I started putting my playlist together for The Chill Out Tent but it seems to have decided on one for me!  It’s definitely got the sort of spiritual, space jazz and ambient vibe of my younger days with a few killer vocal cuts like Madlib, David Walters and Jill Scott. I’m trying very hard to live my ‘life like it’s golden’ (it’s not easy right now) and this is a  playlist I put together quite instinctively, and that includes so many inspirational musicians and artists whose music really resonates with me (Alice Coltrane, Arthur Russell etc.), and who help me to connect with my deeper self – help me dig up that gold and keep going’. 

Wisdom Eye – Alice Coltrane 

Desert Nights – Lonnie Liston Smith and The Cosmic Echoes

Road of The Lonely Ones – Madlib 

The Sensual woman – The Herbaliser

Utopia and Visions – Don Cherry, Tommy Koverhult, Tommy Goldman, Maffy Falay, Tage Siven, Okay Temiz

Cosa Nova – A Man Called Adam

Soon to be innocent fun – Arthur Russell

Doing That Thing – Les McCann

Compared to What (Live) – Eddie Harris, Les McCann

Moon 7 – A Man Called Adam

Om Supreme – Alice Coltrane 

Paseo – Blundetto

Remind Me – A Man Called Adam

Sea – Young Marco remix – Roosevelt , Young Marco

Sure the sun will rise – Hugo Kant

Kyre Mwen – David Walters

Flutter – Bonobo

Golden – Jill Scott

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