Pete Fowler at the Social

Amongst all the awfulness of recent weeks there have been rays of light, glimmers of hope that there are still communities and music and laughs to be had. One of my regular favourites have been the after work ‘drinks’ hosted by legendary Soho bar, the Social. Every evening at six pm one of the bar’s friends and family plays host and shares a playlist. A virtual after work gathering where regulars and newcomers share stories, songs and drinks. They’ve also been curating an excellent online magazine; ‘The Social Gathering’.

The Friday sessions hosted by artist, DJ and Seahawk Pete Fowler have been excellent with superb three hour playlists of latin, disco, funk, house and ambient to share, here’s one for a taster. Next session with Pete behind the bar is Friday 15/5/20 at 6pm, see you there!

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