The Chill Out Tent – Leo Mas

Leo Mas is one of our favourite DJs, his distinctive groove has soundtracked quite a few hedonistic nights for the Tent crew. He may be best known for playing alongside Alfredo at Amnesia in the 80s or his own club, Movida, in Italy in the 90s, or his remixes with production partner Fabrice, but one thing is sure, his taste and sensibility are still totally rooted in the sounds of today, as you will hear in this special mix he has made for us.

Sade – Paradise

This week’s Chill Out Tent classic is ‘Paradise’ from the always perfect Sade, just one gem from 1988’s ‘Stronger than Pride’ album. Effortlessly cool, with understated vocals, bubbling bass and sparse percussion combining to create the perfect soundtrack to a Summer evening, ‘Oh, what a life’…

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