Our Friends in Manchester…

At 18:00 BST (19:00 CEST) on Sunday 21st of June the 24 hour Chill Out Tent – Around the World streaming event reaches Manchester. We are absolutely honoured to say that our host will be Mr Scruff! Dance music legend, Scruff refuses to be pigeon holed, saying he plays ‘hip hop, funk, soul, jazz, latin, disco, afrobeat, house, electrofunk, reggae, rhythm & blues, ska, in short.. good, varied, soulful music!’ Famous for his long, eclectic and awesome sounding sets DJ sets and original productions, he’s also known for his visual flair as as a designer and cartoonist.

Given his reputation for such open minded playlists who knows what Mr Scruff will play on Sunday for the Solstice celebrations? But you know it’ll be good! He might even play some material from his just released DJ Kicks compilation more information here. Get a flavour for what to expect with the mix below from when he played at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide festival.

The Chill Out Tent – Around The World.

We’re pleased to share the final lineup for our next event. This weekend 20th/21st June will see THE CHILL OUT TENT – AROUND THE WORLD

Have a look at what we’ve got planned for this unique global event!

We’ll be sharing more details about each session and the crews involved over the next couple of days. Let us know what you think, and which sessions you’re hoping to catch live. Why not bookmark the stream location now?


22:00 BST (23:00 local) Berlin – Gallo, Buena Onda
23:00 BST (24:00 local) South Africa – Pierre Estienne
24:00 BST Isle of Wight, UK – Je Suis Anglais
01:00 BST (22:00 local) Inspired by Greenland – Glasbird, White Lab Records
02:00 BST (22:00 local) Buenos Aires – Ariel Charec

Part 2 – USA

03:00 BST 19:00 PDT (22:00 local) Detroit – Blair French & Peter Croce, Rocksteady Disco
04:00 BST 20:00 PDT San Francisco – Dor Wand, Fault Radio
05:00 BST 21:00 PDT San Francisco – Rusty, Soma FM
06:00 BST 22:00 PDT Los Angeles – Ki Oni, Dublab
07:00 BST 23:00 PDT (20:00 local) Hawaii – Roger Bong, Aloha Got Soul


08:00 BST 16:00 JST (16:00 local) S Korea – sunset at Jeju-Do with Kona
09:00 BST 17:00 JST (18:00 local) Sydney – Music For Beaches with Davey Howell
10:00 BST 18:00 JST (18:30 local) Adelaide – Jura Sound System
11:00 BST 19:00 JST Tokyo – Into The Forest by Maa & Takamasa Tomae
12:00 BST 20:00 JST Tokyo – Lone Star Crew at Bonobo
13:00 BST 21:00 JST (20:00 local) Bali – Baliaric FM
14:00 BST 22:00 JST (20:00 local) Thailand – Maarten Goetheer

Part 4 – EUROPE

15:00 BST 16:00 CEST Perugia – Hear & Now live
16:00 BST 17:00 CEST Mixmaster Morris Goes To India
17:00 BST 18:00 CEST Barcelona – Sonido Tupinamba
18:00 BST 19:00 CEST Manchester – Mr Scruff
19:00 BST 20:00 CEST Born Balearic – Jon Sa Trinxa & The Spirit Of Ibiza (Film)
20:00 BST 21:00 CEST Ibiza – Sundown
21:00 BST 22:00 CEST Ibiza – After Party – Camilo Miranda

Our Friends in Detroit…

Another stop on the North American section of our global Solstice event this weekend will be Detroit, where our hosts will be Blair French, Peter Croce and the Rocksteady disco crew. One of the spiritual homes of electronic music, the city will be the backdrop to their set of ambient, balearica, afro and hazy house.

On the line from Detroit Blair he gave us a personal flavour of what’s happening for him right now;

“We were recording last night on a roof overlooking Grand Boulevard, that’s the street to the UR building and past FIT distro, Moodymann, Tangent Gallery etc. Caught a big brother drone in the sky watching us, that was surreal. It was a much needed night with everything going on here. Thanks for including us in this special event. As the protests and awareness march through our country and beyond. Layers of vibrations turning tears to hope, as fears soak in bravery, we see courage grow from clay like soil. Two things I didn’t think I’d see in my lifetime: Detroit’s rebuilding and a global uprising. We’re watching the chess pieces move…”

We wish Blair, Peter and all the Detroit crew all the best and are really looking forward to their section of the weekend’s programming.

Cocktails Around the World #2 – Grapefruit Sangria

Preparations continue for our next event, the ‘Chill Out Tent Around the World’ Summer Solstice stream on the 20th June and like any good party we’re giving some thought to the drinks to serve.

Friend of the Chill Out Tent and food & drink guru, Stuart from the fabulous Disappearing Dining Club has his second recommendation for us. Inspired again by our Ibiza sunset session and after-party, this Grapefruit Sangria looks perfect for sipping on the terrace of our finca out on the campo…


Vodka                                                                    60ml

Spanish Brandy                                                 60ml

Freshly squeezed lemon juice                     60ml

Apple juice                                                          70ml

Pink grapefruit juice                                        70ml

Simple syrup*                                                    80ml

Passionfruit syrup                                            30ml

House white wine                                            250ml 

Pour all ingredients into a 1 litre sangria jug, over ice.  Stir with a wooden sangria paddle and garnish with a whole, sliced pink grapefruit. Serve into small rocks glasses. 

*Simple syrup / sugar syrup / gomme syrupEasy to make at home; 

  • Equal parts white granulated sugar and water
  • Dissolve sugar in water in a warm pan of water
  • Cool in fridge before use

We’d suggest pairing this with a gorgeous mix from Phat Phil Cooper, Ibiza resident, DJ, and label boss who’s been with the Chill Out Tent since day one. See you at the ‘Around the World‘ event next week, you’re on the guest list OK?

Our Friends in Thailand…

Another stop on our global Summer Solstice streaming event next week will be to visit our friends in Thailand. Our host will be Bangkok based DJ Maarten Goetheer, he’s been in Thailand for 15 years and has has positioned himself at the heart of the Asian Dance Industry. He is the founder of Sabai Sabai Radio, the in-house programmer for Underground temple BEAM, Music Director at Hi-Fidelity Music Room Lennons and the curator of Wonderfruit Festival’s Ziggurat stage. Here’s a lovely playlist he’s curated for us, with a Thai spin on downtempo, sunset sounds…

Maarten recognises similarities between the laid back Thai lifestyle and that found in the Balearics. He named his online radio station after it: Sabai Sabai. The ‘Sabai Sabai’ attitude translates as letting go, taking it easy and it’s a life philosophy that celebrates the “Here and Now”. He finds that Thai audiences have an affinity with Reggae and Dub and that’s why he added some dubbed out Molam to this mix. For anyone interested in Thai Music he suggests that you check out Zudrangma Record Store! Thanks Maarten!

Our Friends in Bali…

We’re busy putting the finishing touches to out next big event, the Chill Out Tent – ‘Around the World’ stream next week. It’s pretty exciting to see the global journey taking shape and realising the quality of the performances we’ll be sharing and the great international crews we’ll be working with.

We’re really looking forward to linking up with our friends in Bali, that’s Baliaric FM and Adrian Giordano who are hosting a poolside session at the incredibly beautiful Taman Bebek. This will also feature a chilled set from Indonesian DJ Seabass with support from local musician Baba Agus who will improvise with flute and tabla. 

Broadcasting from the beautiful and vibe-rich island of Bali, Baliaric.fm is run by music lovers, for music lovers. The station plays 24/7, including playlists, shows, and live-streams from studios, private villas and other stunning locations.

The venue for the session, Taman Bebek is now an iconic boutique hotel perched on the Sayan Ridge in Ubud, Bali. It dates back to the 1930s, when the Canadian ethno-musicologist, Colin McPhee and his anthropologist wife, Jane Belo built a Balinese house and beautiful garden on the edge of the ridge above the magnificent Ayung River valley. During the 1930s this was a playground and source of inspiration to the rich and famous.

In 1980, when Bali lover, landscape artist and writer Made Wijaya acquired the land, only the foundations of these houses remained. He restored it to it’s former glory and it became a favourite hang out of jet setters like David Bowie, Yoko Ono, Mick Jagger and Francis Coppola. We’ll be able to experience it soon too, can’t wait…

The Chill Out Tent – Rune Lindbaek’s Southern California Classics

Only a week to go till the next The Chill Out Tent streaming event. To keep you going until then, our friend, super DJ and star of our first episode, Rune Lindbæk, has put together a magic mix of Californian yacht rock for us. It’s brilliant.

We’ll be visiting Cali next weekend as we travel Around The World in 24 hours (22:00 BST Sat 20 June – 22:00 BST Sun 21 June) to celebrate the Summer solstice with artists, DJ’s, producers and film makers from the chill out scene around the globe.

Full details released next week…

Born Balearic: Jon Sa Trinxa and the Spirit of Ibiza

We’re super happy to confirm that we have been able to secure the on-line streaming premier of the much anticipated documentary film ‘Born Balearic: Jon Sa Trinxa and the Spirit of Ibiza’.

The movie will be streamed as part of our next event ‘The Chill Out Tent – Around The World’ on 21/6/20. This will be a one off chance to watch this affectionate profile of friend of the Chill Out Tent Ibiza legend Jonathan and the story of his 25+ years as resident at iconic beach bar ‘Sa Trinxa’ where has built a reputation as one of the standard bearers for Balearic music.

Have a look at the trailer above and enjoy Jonathan’s mix below, and of course join us on the 21st June for the movie screening.

Cocktails Around the World #1 – Space Gin Smash

Preparations are well under way for our next event, our ‘Chill Out Tent Around the World’ marathon on the 20th June and like any good party we’re giving some thought to the drinks to serve. Friend of the Chill Out Tent and food & drink guru Stuart from the fabulous Disappearing Dining Club is putting together a suitably Summery drinks menu for our journey around the world. See you on the 20th, cheers!

The first of these is his take on the SPACE GIN SMASH, here’s his recipe:

6 x fresh mint leaves

Quarter of one lemon

2 x seedless green grapes

Eighth of a green apple

Simple syrup  10ml   

Quality Gin 45ml                                                                

Muddle the mint, lemon, grapes, apple and simple syrup in the bottom of a cocktail shaker.Add the gin and fill shaker with ice.Shake and strain into a rocks glass with fresh cracked ice**.Garnish with apple fan, mint sprig and a grape. 

*Simple syrup / sugar syrup / gomme syrup Easy to make at home; 

  • Equal parts white granulated sugar and water
  • Dissolve sugar in water in a warm pan of water
  • Cool in fridge before use

**Cracked ice – neither full ice cubes or crushed ice – cracked ice chills a drink more quickly than cubed ice without turning the drink into a slush. Easy to crack ice at home by; 

  • Put ice into zipper freezer bag
  • Lightly crack using rolling pin or muddler or other available basher

We’d suggest pairing this with a gorgeous mix from Camilo Miranda, music curator & resident dj at Pikes Hotel, Ibiza, who’ll be hosting one of the sessions for our ‘Around the World‘ event, see you there 🙂

Pete Fowler at the Social

Amongst all the awfulness of recent weeks there have been rays of light, glimmers of hope that there are still communities and music and laughs to be had. One of my regular favourites have been the after work ‘drinks’ hosted by legendary Soho bar, the Social. Every evening at six pm one of the bar’s friends and family plays host and shares a playlist. A virtual after work gathering where regulars and newcomers share stories, songs and drinks. They’ve also been curating an excellent online magazine; ‘The Social Gathering’.

The Friday sessions hosted by artist, DJ and Seahawk Pete Fowler have been excellent with superb three hour playlists of latin, disco, funk, house and ambient to share, here’s one for a taster. Next session with Pete behind the bar is Friday 15/5/20 at 6pm, see you there!

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