Severino at The Dartmouth Arms for Edition #9 of the Chill Out Tent

Edit 9/1/21 – Here’s full audio of the mix on our Mixcloud

Severino from Horsemeat Disco closed out the afterparty of our Edition #9 of the Chill Out Tent in fine style. He played a deep, cosmic disco flavoured selection that went down a storm with the online audience and the crew who recorded the set at London’s Dartmouth Arms, where we were the guests of our friends Disappearing Dining Club. Here’s a playlist of some of the stand out tracks from his mix…

Sally Rodgers Music for House Plants

We’re so happy to have a special botanical mix from the awesomely talented Sally Rodgers (from A Man Called Adam) as part of our Chill Out Tent Edition #9 on Sunday 27/12/20, make sure you join the stream via Mixcloud Live and Livefrom at 18:00 GMT /19:00 CET

Edit 4/1/20 – Here’s the audio of Sally’s mix for you to enjoy…

Sally’s posts on Instagram;

‘I love my houseplants. They witness so much but exist in a completely different version of Time to us. I’ve had the Aloe Vera in the film for 18 years and he’s an ugly old brute, but last year he made a flower for the very first time. His silhouette changes, but barely perceptibly. In the 30 min film and DJ mix (live stream goes out via @thechillouttent on Sunday 27/12/20), I wanted to show that apparent stillness as human Time rushes past, and because light is how we measure duration I tried to capture their changing shadows, as day becomes night becomes day.

I chose music by artists like Tortoise and weird European experimental electronic and ambient music because it seems clever, inscrutable and a little bit freaky, like my plants. They know things. Some have names – Victor, Donna, Gilles – and some are just ‘big fella’ or ‘missy’. They don’t always love me back and a couple of them are very high maintenance – I tend to think of those plants as being French 😂, hence the French music in the mix.

It was a lovely creative brief so thanks to @thechillouttent for inviting me to do it. I enjoyed thinking and making something about my plants. They mean a lot to me. ‘

The Chill Out Tent Edition #9

Join the stream via Mixcloud Live and Livefrom at 18:00 GMT / 19:00 CET

We’re back, on Sunday 27/12/20 for another online adventure, it’s Edition #9 of the Chill Out Tent and we’ve got another packed programme to share with you. We’re hoping to bring some warmth and comfort to these dark northern hemisphere days with music and films from Hush Forever, Leo Zero, Severino from Horsemeat Disco, botanical ambience from Sally Rodgers, Southern hemisphere surf & sunshine from Dave Howell (Music for Beaches), arthouse film making from A Man Called Adam and loads more too.

Join the stream via Mixcloud Live and Livefrom at 18:00 GMT / 19:00 CET

Turn on, stay in, chill out

The 12 Days of Chill Out

To celebrate the coming of the Winter Solstice we will be streaming some of our favourite sets from 2020 every day at 20:00 GMT from the 21/12/20 to 1/1/21. At what might be stressful and difficult time we thought sharing some beautiful films and music might provide some calming escapism, and a chance to connect with the lovely Chill Out Tent community. Here’s the schedule…

Join the stream via Mixcloud Live and Livefrom at 20:00 GMT /21:00 CET

21st – Jura Sound System (Adelaide)

22nd – Lone Star @ Bonobo (Tokyo)

23rd – Hear & Now (Italy)

24th – Rocksteady Disco (Detroit)

25th – Jose in the Sky (Ibiza)

26th – DJ Calm – (Tokyo)

27th – The Chill Out Edition #9

28th – Baliaric FM (Bali)

29th – Ruf Dug

30th – Je Suis Anglais

31st – Sunset Soundsystem (San Francisco)

1st – Sheepwatch in the Clouds

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