Sunset Sound System x the Chill Out Tent

Here’s the a/v set from Galen & Mark Johns of the Sunset Soundsystem as performed as part of our July 2020 Chill Out Tent Edition #4 . Beautiful music and blissful visuals from the San Francisco maestros…

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Edition #4 Headliners – Coyote / Is It Balearic?

We’re super happy to have Balearic legends Coyote as one of our headliners for this weekend’s Edition 4 of the Chill Out Tent, they’ll be streaming from 21:00 BST. In keeping with our format of pairing musicians & DJ’s with film makers and visual artists, Coyote have collaborated with artist and animator Mark Warrington to create some stunning visuals to accompany their set.

Fans of Paul ‘Mudd’ Murphy’s Claremont 56 label will instantly recognise Marks beautiful paintings, where they’ve been used as some of the most stunning sleeve art in contemporary music. Below you can see an animated short Mark has created of his work with the label. Buy Mark’s work here.

Coyote are the DJs / Producers Timm Sure & Richard Hampson (aka Ampo).
Since their first meeting (after both becoming residents at the historically important club “Venus” in Nottingham), between them they spent the 90s’ with residencies at many of the decades seminal parties. Coyote officially came into being in 2004, when Timm and Ampo decided to start making music together. Since then they’ve released a gorgeous catalogue of sun drenched down tempo, both on their own ‘Is It Balearic?’ label and more recently via Music for Dreams. The mix below will give you an idea of what we can expect this evening.

Follow Coyote on Instagram here…

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The Chill Out Tent Classics – California Dreaming

Our ‘classic’ this week is the album ‘California Dreaming’ inspired by our collaborators for this weekend’s event the Sunset Sound System from San Francisco. This album came out on FFRR in 1993 and featured some pioneering west coast artists and producers, like the Hardkiss brothers, Zoemagick Records and Exist Dance. Bringing together the hippy psychedelic vibes from the early Californian full moon parties where acid house sounds met bay area sensibilities. We’re highlighting two favourites today; there’s a fantastic tripped our live version of Cantamilla from Tranquility Bass and the classic breakbeat chug of Transmit Liberation from the Single Cell Orchestra, both worthy additions to our Chill Out Tent Classics hall of fame, enjoy!

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The Chill Out Tent Cocktails – Moroccan Spiced Mint Tea Julep

Preparations continue for our next event, the Chill Out Tent Edition 4  and like any good party we’re giving some thought to the drinks to serve.

Friend of the Chill Out Tent and food & drink guru, Stuart from the fabulous Disappearing Dining Club has another tempting recommendation for us, his Moroccan Spiced Mint Tea Julep inspired by the middle eastern hospitality we might sample at the end of the hippy trail…

PART ONE – Moroccan Spiced Simple Syrup    

1 cup granulated sugar, 1 cup water, 1 cinnamon stick, 3 cloves whole,    1/2 cup crystallised ginger chips in a small saucepan, combine all simple syrup ingredients and bring to a simmer on low heat. Continue to simmer for about 10 minutes. Remove from heat. Let syrup cool. Pour syrup through a fine mesh strainer and into an airtight container; discard solids. Syrup can be refrigerated for up to 1 month. Makes about 280-300ml of simple syrup.

PART TWO – Moroccan Mint Iced Tea    

4 Moroccan Mint Tea Bags, 16 ounces water, ice. Bring 550ml water to a boiling in a small pan on your stove top. Remove from heat and steep tea bags for 8 minutes. Fill a litre jug with ice. Pour hot tea over ice and chill until ready to use in refrigerator.

PART THREE – Make your Moroccan Spiced Mint Tea Juleps Cocktail (makes 1)  

4 parts iced mint tea, 2 parts bourbon, 1 part Moroccan Spiced Simple Syrup, 3–5 leaves fresh mint (additional for garnish, if desired) ice. Place mint leaves in the bottom of a large tumbler (a clay one from North Africa, if you have one). Using a muddler or the end of a wooden spoon press the mint leaves into the bottom of the glass. Add ice, then 25ml simple syrup, 50ml bourbon, and 100ml of tea. Top with ice and mint garnish.

‘I’ve been saving all my money just to take you there
I smell the garden in your hair’

Let’s raise a glass together on Sunday, cheers 🙂

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The Chill Out Tent Edition 4

Here’s the line up for this weekend’s Edition 4 of the Chill Out Tent, live from 18:30 BST, looks like a awesome evening ahead…

18:45 Guided meditation with Nemone

19:00 Sunset Sound System from San Francisco

20:00 Interview with Maxi Jazz from Faithless

21:00 Coyote (Is It Balearic?)

22:00 After Party with Danielle Moore from Crazy P.

More on all our guests over the next few days, don’t forget to sign up for the event and bookmark our streaming site. See you on Sunday!

Tie and Dye!

Along with jars of sourdough starter, Zoom meetings and banana bread, another surprising lock-down phenomena has been the resurgent interest in tie dye fabrics. This d-i-y technique has always been linked to the bohemian hippies of the 60′ and 70’s.

As we’re off to the home of the counter culture for our next event, joining forces with the legendary Sunset Sound System from San Francisco, we thought we’d share some tie dye inspiration with you. Why not use this tutorial and customise a T-shirt for the weekend and join us for our streaming festival? Here’s some Hendrix infused psyche-dance for further fashion tips…

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