Tapas Around the World

Friend and supporter of the The Chill Out Tent, Stuart Langley from Disappearing Dining Club recommends some tapas dishes for the European Sunday evening section of #TheChillOutTent – Around the World this weekend. These should go down well with a little Jon Sa Trinxa and a side of Camilo Miranda.


On most Ibizan tapas menus you get ham and bechamel croquettes, but we think croquettes and salt cod are the ones you really want.

Salt Cod (Bacalao) 80g
Peeled Maris Piper Potatoes 200g
Lemon 1
Chopped Flat Parsley 5g
Plain Flour 50g
Eggs 2
Panko Breadcrumbs 80g

Egg Yolk 1
Chopped Garlic 2g
Lemon Juice 1 tbsp
Saffron 1g
Vegetable Oil 100ml


Soak the salt cod in cold water for 12 hours, change the water a few times.
Bake the salt cod in the oven on 180C for 5 minutes, season with lemon juice.
Boil the potatoes until soft, drain and pass through a sieve.
Mix the passed potatoes with the salt cod with a wooden spoon.
Season with zest from the lemon and chopped parsley.
Shape the mixture into small balls (approx. 15g per ball).
Beat the eggs
Pane the croquettes in flour first, then the egg, lastly the panko.
Fry in 180C oil until golden brown.


Place egg yolks, garlic, lemon juice and saffron in mixing bowl.
Slowly add the oil while whisking for the aioli to emulsify.
Put all ingredients into a cup.
Whisk with good stick blender.

Serve and enjoy!


Salt baked new potatoes make for a fantastic vegan tapas dish.

New Potatoes 20
Olive Oil 50ml
Green Asparagus Spears 12
Sea Salt (not Maldon crystals) 30g

Red Pepper 1
Medium Maris Piper Potato 1
Cumin ½ tsp
Smoked Paprika ½ tsp
Chopped Garlic ½ tsp
Lemon juice 1 tbsp
Olive Oli 150ml


Peel and boil the potato on salted water until soft. Drain.
Roast the pepper in the oven on 220C for about 15 minutes.
Peel and de-seed the pepper.
Place the potato, red pepper, cumin, smoked paprika, garlic and lemon juice into a blender.
Blitz it, add the oil while still blitzing, until a smooth, thick dipping sauce.


Blanch the asparagus 20 sec in boiling water, then immediately cool down in ice water.
Place the potatoes on an oven tray with olive oil and sea salt.
Bake in the oven on 190C for about 15 minutes until potatoes are soft.
Season the asparagus with the salt and oil from the potato tray.
Grill the asparagus on a griddle or a BBQ.

Serve the potatoes and asparagus and dip in the mojo rojo.

One last foodie recommendation for friends who like the look of these recipes and are based in London, the Dartmouth Arms will have some special weekend (it’s Father’s Day in the UK remember!) take away options for Dinner, Picnic Hampers & Father’s Day Feasts, they’ll go perfectly with the music and visuals we’ll be providing for you.

The Chill Out Tent in the Guardian

We’re really pleased to be included in the Guardian’s ‘How to celebrate the summer solstice virtually‘ piece today.

‘From Greenland to Hawaii, via the Balearics, Buenos Aires and Berlin, The Chillout Tent’s 24-hour marathon of ambient beats will stream live from various points across the globe on 20-21 June. Featuring Mr Scruff, Mixmaster Morris and Maarten Goetheer among others, it will play a set an hour from 10pm on 20 June via the LiveFrom platform, finishing with sundown in Ibiza. The premiere of short film Born Balearic: Jon Sa Trinxa and the Spirit of Ibiza is also being screened. Recipes for cocktails to accompany the event can be found on the blog, including space gin smash and grapefruit sangria.’


Our Friends in Tokyo…

At 12:00 BST (20:00 JST) on Sunday 21st of June the 24 hour Chill Out Tent – Around the World streaming event reaches Tokyo. Our hosts for this section of the Solstice event are the balearic super group that is the Lone Star Crew. They are playing a session at the legendary venue Bonobo in the heart of the city.

Bonobo occupies an old two storey house near Harajuku. The first floor bar is equipped with vintage Altec speakers and a rotary mixer that was custom built in the 80s for the legendary New York DJ, David Mancuso. The second storey has tatami flooring and a beautiful set of Klipschorn speakers, it also provides access to a rooftop terrace.

The lone star crew consists of Dr Rob, Ken Hidaka and Max Essa, three veterans of the Balearic scene, all involved as DJ’s, producers and label runners. Their recent collaboration on the superb Music for Dreams compilation ‘Oto No Wa: Selected Sounds of Japan 1988​-​2018’ has certainly brought some wonderful Japanese music to a new audience. They host a regular party at Bonobo, obviously these are on hold currently. Amazingly they have been able to record a session for us at the venue and Born Balearic director Lily Rinae and her crew were there to film it. We’re really grateful to the guy’s for their support, get an idea of their sound in the mix below. Don’t forget to bookmark our streaming site ready for the weekend!

Our Friends in Manchester…

At 18:00 BST (19:00 CEST) on Sunday 21st of June the 24 hour Chill Out Tent – Around the World streaming event reaches Manchester. We are absolutely honoured to say that our host will be Mr Scruff! Dance music legend, Scruff refuses to be pigeon holed, saying he plays ‘hip hop, funk, soul, jazz, latin, disco, afrobeat, house, electrofunk, reggae, rhythm & blues, ska, in short.. good, varied, soulful music!’ Famous for his long, eclectic and awesome sounding sets DJ sets and original productions, he’s also known for his visual flair as as a designer and cartoonist.

Given his reputation for such open minded playlists who knows what Mr Scruff will play on Sunday for the Solstice celebrations? But you know it’ll be good! He might even play some material from his just released DJ Kicks compilation more information here. Get a flavour for what to expect with the mix below from when he played at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide festival.

Our Friends in the Isle of Wight…

At 24:00 BST on Saturday 20th of June the ‘Night Flight’ section of our Chill Out Tent Around the World event touches down on the Isle of Wight, UK. Our host is local DJ Jesuisanglais (Richard to his mates) who’s prepared an hour of dreamy ambient and downtempo paired with some equally chilled visuals.

Edit 31.12.20 – We posted the audio from Je Suis Anglais set on our Mixcloud page folowing it inclusion in our #12daysofchillout

In collaboration with friend and photographer Ollie Coleman he attempted to capture a positive moment of the lockdown experience, a chance to have some time to relax and engage with nature and family. You’ll hear field recordings of birdsong and wind in the trees that make their way into the mix. If you visit the Isle of Wight you’ll catch Richard playing records at the island’s answer to the Cafe del Mar, the Hut at Colwell Bay.

Don’t miss this session, why not bookmark our streaming site now so that you’re ready to go?

Our Friends in Barcelona…

At 17:00 BST  (18:00 CEST) this Sunday 21st June our Chill Out Tent – Around the World event hits Barcelona and our host will be Sonido Tupinamba.

Sonido Tupinamba is a music curator, DJ and radio host at Dublab and Radio Primavera Sound. Born in the Argentinian Andes, Tupinamba started DJing when she was sixteen in her hometown of Mendoza.

At the time, she was one of the few female artists in the scene. Once established in Barcelona she began her musical journey at different venues and cultural centers in the city.

Founder of Poly-Rythmo Club and resident DJ of the collectives Glove Party and She’s in Control, she has shared her taste and skills in music temples such as Pikes Ibiza and in renowned festivals such as Glastonbury (England), Pohoda (Slovakia), BUE (Argentina), Soundeat, Mutek and Aperitius del Primavera Sound (Barcelona, Spain).

Inspired by the roots of African and Latin American music, Tupinamba mixes her tropical influences with the disco, funk and house grooves. Her sessions are eclectic and vibrant, transporting the audience into different eras and places. She creates the perfect soundtrack for every moment and the perfect mood for every party or event. Her sets are always bright and festive, whether the sounds take you to a perfect sunset at the beach, a night out in Manhattan or an adventure in the jungle.

We’re really excited to have her play for us this weekend, make sure you bookmark our streaming site here.

Our Friends in Berlin…

Our Chill Out Tent – Around the World event opens at 22:00 (BST) This Saturday, and we’re really excited to confirm that this first leg of our journey around the world will be with Gallo and the Buena Onda crew from Berlin.

Berlin based, Italian DJ/producer Gallo is one of the ambassadors of the Balearic nu-breed. Focused around epic and uplifting electronic music. He’s released music on Slow Motion, Clandestino and HELL YEAH recordings (Small Things EP has just been released to critical acclaim) and has remixed the likes of Chris Coco, J-Walk and many others. He’s a resident at “ Buena Onda” from day one and member of the Balearic Gabba Sound System with Marco Gallerani, running a monthly radioshow called “My Way” that you can hear on “MUSIC FOR DREAMS Radio”. His album ‘First Buena Onda Experience’, a collection of exclusive Balearic jams will be out August 2020.

We asked what he’s got planned for his Solstice session and what was inspiring him right now, Gallo said “I went around some of my favourite Berlin “Balearic” spots, listening to my best-loved music of the moment, just trying to recreate that feeling of well-being that we have been missing so much in recent months. I hope you enjoy the trip!” We’ll be locked on to his session on Saturday for sure…

Our Friends in London…

You might have seen him mentioned in our lineup announcement for our THE CHILL OUT TENT – AROUND THE WORLD event this weekend, we’re honoured to welcome chill out legend and ambient pioneer Mixmaster Morris to his Chill Out Tent debut.

Morris is playing at 16:00 BST (17:00 CEST) on Sunday 21st June, with a ‘Mixmaster Morris Goes To India’ set that was under wraps when we spoke, but he did confirm that it would be featuring some super rarities including a track by Haruomi Hosono, so definitely one not to miss.

Morris told us that he’s been enjoying the peace and quiet of lockdown in his central London base, but has been keeping busy with streaming sets, his regular Mixcloud shows and preparations for playing at the official Glastonbury online event on July 3/4. We’re really happy he’s been able to join us and hope you can too.

To give you a taster of Morris’s style, here’s a sublime mix he shared recently; an hour of the Art of Noise…

The Chill Out Tent – Around The World.

We’re pleased to share the final lineup for our next event. This weekend 20th/21st June will see THE CHILL OUT TENT – AROUND THE WORLD

Have a look at what we’ve got planned for this unique global event!

We’ll be sharing more details about each session and the crews involved over the next couple of days. Let us know what you think, and which sessions you’re hoping to catch live. Why not bookmark the stream location now?


22:00 BST (23:00 local) Berlin – Gallo, Buena Onda
23:00 BST (24:00 local) South Africa – Pierre Estienne
24:00 BST Isle of Wight, UK – Je Suis Anglais
01:00 BST (22:00 local) Inspired by Greenland – Glasbird, White Lab Records
02:00 BST (22:00 local) Buenos Aires – Ariel Charec

Part 2 – USA

03:00 BST 19:00 PDT (22:00 local) Detroit – Blair French & Peter Croce, Rocksteady Disco
04:00 BST 20:00 PDT San Francisco – Dor Wand, Fault Radio
05:00 BST 21:00 PDT San Francisco – Rusty, Soma FM
06:00 BST 22:00 PDT Los Angeles – Ki Oni, Dublab
07:00 BST 23:00 PDT (20:00 local) Hawaii – Roger Bong, Aloha Got Soul


08:00 BST 16:00 JST (16:00 local) S Korea – sunset at Jeju-Do with Kona
09:00 BST 17:00 JST (18:00 local) Sydney – Music For Beaches with Davey Howell
10:00 BST 18:00 JST (18:30 local) Adelaide – Jura Sound System
11:00 BST 19:00 JST Tokyo – Into The Forest by Maa & Takamasa Tomae
12:00 BST 20:00 JST Tokyo – Lone Star Crew at Bonobo
13:00 BST 21:00 JST (20:00 local) Bali – Baliaric FM
14:00 BST 22:00 JST (20:00 local) Thailand – Maarten Goetheer

Part 4 – EUROPE

15:00 BST 16:00 CEST Perugia – Hear & Now live
16:00 BST 17:00 CEST Mixmaster Morris Goes To India
17:00 BST 18:00 CEST Barcelona – Sonido Tupinamba
18:00 BST 19:00 CEST Manchester – Mr Scruff
19:00 BST 20:00 CEST Born Balearic – Jon Sa Trinxa & The Spirit Of Ibiza (Film)
20:00 BST 21:00 CEST Ibiza – Sundown
21:00 BST 22:00 CEST Ibiza – After Party – Camilo Miranda

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