Sally Rodgers Music for House Plants

We’re so happy to have a special botanical mix from the awesomely talented Sally Rodgers (from A Man Called Adam) as part of our Chill Out Tent Edition #9 on Sunday 27/12/20, make sure you join the stream via Mixcloud Live and Livefrom at 18:00 GMT /19:00 CET

Edit 4/1/20 – Here’s the audio of Sally’s mix for you to enjoy…

Sally’s posts on Instagram;

‘I love my houseplants. They witness so much but exist in a completely different version of Time to us. I’ve had the Aloe Vera in the film for 18 years and he’s an ugly old brute, but last year he made a flower for the very first time. His silhouette changes, but barely perceptibly. In the 30 min film and DJ mix (live stream goes out via @thechillouttent on Sunday 27/12/20), I wanted to show that apparent stillness as human Time rushes past, and because light is how we measure duration I tried to capture their changing shadows, as day becomes night becomes day.

I chose music by artists like Tortoise and weird European experimental electronic and ambient music because it seems clever, inscrutable and a little bit freaky, like my plants. They know things. Some have names – Victor, Donna, Gilles – and some are just ‘big fella’ or ‘missy’. They don’t always love me back and a couple of them are very high maintenance – I tend to think of those plants as being French 😂, hence the French music in the mix.

It was a lovely creative brief so thanks to @thechillouttent for inviting me to do it. I enjoyed thinking and making something about my plants. They mean a lot to me. ‘

The Chill Out Tent – Chris Coco (under a tree)

Our curator in chief and super chilled DJ Chris Coco played an ambient, pre sunset set, up the hill, under a tree for the La Casella stream on The Chill Out Tent. He was sporting a fine, cosmic shirt and trouser combo too, it has to be said. Here is that very spacey mix.

Sunset Sound System x the Chill Out Tent

Here’s the a/v set from Galen & Mark Johns of the Sunset Soundsystem as performed as part of our July 2020 Chill Out Tent Edition #4 . Beautiful music and blissful visuals from the San Francisco maestros…

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Yggdrasil – Dimun [Mike Salta & Mortale remix]

Originally premiered on The Chillout Tent live stream session #5. The official release on digital platforms is 4th Sept 2020 and vinyl 6th Nov 2020

NuNorthern Soul proudly presents Dimun, an overlooked neo-classical / ambient fusion track by Faroe Islands-based producer Kristan Blak’s Yggdrasil project. Label boss ‘Phat’ Phil Cooper was playing G! festival on the Faroe Islands in 2019 and as part of the experience the delegates, artists and DJs where invited to see and experience some of the cultural spots and institutions of the Faroe Islands. One of those was Tutl records owned by Kristian Blak. Tutl records is a wonderful record store and label representing the wealth of amazing Faroese recording talent and has been around for years. Kristian invited a few people to his house and he played the piano line of Dimun, Phil recorded it on his phone and could not stop watching it… He eventually contacted Kristian to ask about the music which led to it being licensed for this release.

Manuel Göttsching ‎ E2-E4

Our classic this week is Manuel Gottsching’s seminal 1984 masterpiece, famously recorded by the Ash Ra Temple maestro in one take. Played by Larry Levan in the Paradise Garage and Jose Padilla at the Cafe del Mar and everyone in between, shamelessly sampled to create Italian dreamhouse favourite Sueno Latino. One hour of pulsing, hypnotic, looping guitars and synths, it demands that you sit down and listen to the whole piece.

Fancy sharing your Kosmiche credentials with a cheeky T-shirt? Head over to Turbo Island pronto!

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Om Shanti – Alice Coltrane

This week’s Chill Out Tent classic is the soaring ‘Om Shanti’ from Alice Coltrane, an emotive, devotional chant intoned with choir and tabla percussion. We were reminded of this breathtakingly beautiful piece by Mixmaster Morris who included it in his session for last week’s ‘Around the World’ livestream event, and Richard Norris included it in the sublime ambient playlist he curated for us. Taken from her landmark album on Luaka Bop ‘The Ecstatic Music Of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda.’

Richard Norris – The Chill Out Tent Playlist

Thanks to Richard Norris for taking time to curate a playlist for the Chill Out Tent. Richard is a musical maestro and renaissance man, you’ll know him from the Grid, Beyond the Wizards Sleeve, Time & Space Machine and an endless list of high profile collaborations with artists like Joe Strummer, Bryan Ferry and the Pet Shop Boys. He’s currently concentrating on ambient compositions with his Music for Healing releases and ‘Abstractions’ albums. His playlist here is full of deep, shimmering, beautiful ambience, a transcendental hour, do give it a listen. Thanks Richard!

Our Friends in the Isle of Wight…

At 24:00 BST on Saturday 20th of June the ‘Night Flight’ section of our Chill Out Tent Around the World event touches down on the Isle of Wight, UK. Our host is local DJ Jesuisanglais (Richard to his mates) who’s prepared an hour of dreamy ambient and downtempo paired with some equally chilled visuals.

Edit 31.12.20 – We posted the audio from Je Suis Anglais set on our Mixcloud page folowing it inclusion in our #12daysofchillout

In collaboration with friend and photographer Ollie Coleman he attempted to capture a positive moment of the lockdown experience, a chance to have some time to relax and engage with nature and family. You’ll hear field recordings of birdsong and wind in the trees that make their way into the mix. If you visit the Isle of Wight you’ll catch Richard playing records at the island’s answer to the Cafe del Mar, the Hut at Colwell Bay.

Don’t miss this session, why not bookmark our streaming site now so that you’re ready to go?

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