Edition #8 – Reuben Vaun Smith

Reuben Vaun Smith’s August release ‘Warm Nights’ has been gathering all kinds of (well deserved) praise since it’s release in August. It’s summery, timeless, freeform stuff and we love it here at the Chill Out Tent, so we’re honoured to be able to share a couple of new tracks from Reuben in our November event this Sunday.

Look out for a couple of awesome live tracks with a full band line up, we’ll hear ‘Eternal Return’ and ‘Disco Schiaparelli’ featuring Reuben and bandmates Connor Attack – Drums, Eddie Clayton – Synth Bass, Sakura Murakami- Guitar and Jelly Waves – Guitar. The band have rehearsed and recorded but never played live, here’s hoping we all get to see them play someday soon. A sunny Summer festival would be a perfect space to experience ‘Warm Nights’. Check the album via Bandcamp below… 

The Chill Out Tent Classics – California Dreaming

Our ‘classic’ this week is the album ‘California Dreaming’ inspired by our collaborators for this weekend’s event the Sunset Sound System from San Francisco. This album came out on FFRR in 1993 and featured some pioneering west coast artists and producers, like the Hardkiss brothers, Zoemagick Records and Exist Dance. Bringing together the hippy psychedelic vibes from the early Californian full moon parties where acid house sounds met bay area sensibilities. We’re highlighting two favourites today; there’s a fantastic tripped our live version of Cantamilla from Tranquility Bass and the classic breakbeat chug of Transmit Liberation from the Single Cell Orchestra, both worthy additions to our Chill Out Tent Classics hall of fame, enjoy!

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Into Daylight by Cantoma

New music from balearic legend Phil Mison is always highly anticipated and this new album from his Cantoma project is no exception, a sublime slice of shimmering summer beauty. An essential investment, available via Bandcamp here, for digital and if you shop around you might still be able to get one of the very limited gatefold vinyl double packs.

‘The new decade dawns with a message of love and hope from Balearic envoy Phil Mison and his fourth LP under the Cantoma moniker. Joined by old friends and new acquaintances, Señor Misono draws on a lifetime of record collecting, selection and songwriting to pack ‘Into Daylight’ with the essence of the Balearic movement, from the Café del Mar and beyond.

The album features guests Quinn Lamont Luke, Hush Forever, Suad Khalifa, Apres Midi, David Philips and Luna Asteri and was recorded between London and Barcelona.’

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