The Chill Out Tent Volume 1

Here it is, our debut album! ‘The Chill Out Tent Volume 1‘ – 12 new tracks or versions of some our favourite tunes of the moment, curated lovingly by The Chill Out Tent crew.

The Chill Out Tent is our festival sanctuary, our country retreat, our dream of a better way to live with more sunshine, more sheep, more music, more love. It’s acid house hippy, it’s a blade of grass in your mouth, it’s getting stoned beautifully, it’s all our friends at once, it’s our new secret, favourite place. It’s that fleeting, unforgettable moment, it’s here, it’s now, it’s forever.

What’s the story of this beautiful collection, where did it come from? The compilation album peak happened around the turn of the century with the rise of the curator DJ and the peak of CD sales led to a boom in collections of music, mixed and unmixed. Of course, back then music was still hard to find and an album compiler could share gems from the past that would be really hard to find any other way.

Now, in the streaming age, a compilation of already released tracks, however obscure is effectively the same as a playlist because most music is available digitally somewhere or the other, and most of it on the popular streaming services.

So when we decided to make a Chill Out Tent compilation we had to re-engineer the idea of the compilation. We decided the only way to make it work was for all the tracks to be exclusive and previously unreleased. But because we wanted to share some of our favourite tunes for playing out in fields and listening bars we had to make new versions of some of them. That led to a lot of work for our in-tent producer Chris Coco and some exciting innovations and surprises from some of our current favourite producers who re-imagined their own tracks.

So here it is, our first collection of tunes that aims to reflect the sound of The Chill Out Tent, somewhere to relax, for sure, but also the perfect place for a party that probably starts some time in the afternoon and keeps on building.

The Chill Out Tent Volume 1‘ – Track by Track…

1 Calm – Long Summer Dream (Dub Mix)
Our friend in Tokyo, and one of the first contributors to the Chill Out Tent online events, comes through with a lovely, building sunset moment.

2 Turbotito – To Feel In Love (Projections x Turbotito Version)
With a cheeky reference to a top ranking reggae classic, this new version of Turbotito’s cover of the mighty Lucio Battisti’s classic is a real party starter.

3 SONLIFE – The First (Chris Coco Version)
Here’s Chris Coco’s dance version of what has become a surprise Balearic classic from South London’s finest band, SONLIFE.

4 Blair French – Honey Rooftops (Chris Coco Version – Part 1)
A favourite from last year gets reworked for the dance floor, or at least a grassy field. One of those tunes that always gets a – what’s this! from someone in the crowd when we play it out.

5 Sauco – Sun Goddess (Chris Coco Sunset Mix)
Another firm favourite with The Chill Out Tent crew turned into a sunset classic with an extended guitar part from Nick & Samantha’s Nick Cornu.

6 Hear & Now x Chris Coco – For You (The Chill Out Tent Edit)
A collaboration between the Italian duo Hear & Now and Chris Coco, leaning in a slightly more disco direction from their usual grooves

7 Reggae Disco Rockers – The Whistle Song (Quiet Storm Version)
A reggae cover of Frankie Knuckles’ classic tune, here in a new extended version.

8 Quinn Lamont Luke – Don’t Run Away (Chris Coco Version)
A great song from Cantoma collaborator Quinn, given a Mr Fingers type deep house twist.

9 Projections – Original Cell (Chris Coco Version)
This one’s another Balearic beauty, this time via California, given a lift for an early or late play on one of THOSE nights.

10 Dexter Scott – Break Noise
Some experimental psychedelic breaks and freak beats straight from the south coast of Merrie England from upcoming artist Dexter.

11 Coyote – Home Grown
Everybody’s favourite Is It Balearic? duo with a dubby, bass heavy chug of a groove.

12 Joan Bibiloni – Castanyetes Eivissa / Mar Blava
One of our musical heroes from Mallorca, Joan, puts a real Balearic twist on this atmospheric track for another magic sunset moment to close the album. 


Released July 6, 2022 – Buy / Listen via Bandcamp and all major streaming services

Compiled by Matt Nearest Faraway and Chris Coco
Cover design by Studio Imeus
Impulse control & creative tech by Steve Machin

Listening Parties for ‘The Chill Out Tent Vol 1’

Launch Parties for our Debut Album this Weekend – In Real Life at Spiritland and in the Metaverse!

The Chill Out Tent was born online in the earliest days of lockdown, our collaborators and community are a wonderful collection of like-minded folks from around the world. Since then we’ve brought The Chill Out Tent into the real world with festivals, residencies, and now our first musical offering – ‘The Chill Out Tent Vol. 1’ a compilation album of beautiful exclusive tracks from the global downtempo music community.

As our first gathering was online; a live-stream from London, Oslo and Ibiza, featuring the inaugural Sheepwatch mix (and now classic video). In keeping with our lo-fi / high-tech approach our listening parties for TCOT Vol 1 will be taking place IRL at Spiritland and online at our new lakeside hangout in the metaverse Lake Mañana. Let’s hear more about this from our Chill Out Tent creative technology guru Steve Machin.

The Metaverse you say? Yup, we’ve made our first foray into virtual reality and you are all invited to come, listen to the album, explore the lake, and hang out. All you need is an internet connection, a browser (chrome works best – desktop or mobile) and a sense of adventure. 

It might take a moment to get used to moving around – the lakeside hangout behaves much like a video game – except with added sheep, amazing music, and all our friends from The Chill Out Tent chat room.

Take a moment to get used to the controls, set up your audio / microphone and you avatar / webcam and remember this is very new technology so occasionally hitting the refresh button if you get stuck is usually the best way to resolve any issues.

Some Fun facts about about Lake Mañana

1 – There will be 12 unique sheep (from 16:00 BST) on Sunday, each one plays a different track from the album when you stand near them.

2 – You can walk on the water.

3 – You can upload a photo, or you can use your webcam as a video avatar.

4 – You can explore anywhere you want, and you can’t break anything (although sometimes you might end up inside a mountain)

5 – Like a real place, the sounds are spatial and you can talk to people that are near you.

6 – There will be a free collectible sheep NFT for folks that come along on Sunday.

So, what are you waiting for? There are 3 TCOT Vol. 1 preview tracks waiting for you now so why not head over to and check out our new lakeside hangout. See you by the campfire tomorrow...

PS For those in London, we will be IRL at Spiritland from 1pm this Sunday (3rd July), and from 4pm we will be playing back the full album on that gorgeous sound system. Stop by, listen to the album and collect one of the limited edition golden sheep NFTs that we are making available this Sunday. There will be some augmented reality surprises dropping with the album from 4pm too.

Coyote – Home Grown

Very exciting news klaxon!

Yes, it’s the Is It Balearic? dudes, Coyote, with a dubby, sunny-afternoon-in-a-field workout, ‘Homegrown’. Release date is 11 May 2022, out on Chris Coco’s Disappear label, listen and buy now via Bandcamp.

This is the first fruit from a forthcoming compilation – The Chill Out Tent Vol 1. 

The album features exclusives and versions of some of our favourite tunes to play in a tent in a field in the sunshine. As you can tell from this initial release we’ve pulled in favours from some of our favourite producers to make this a unique and beautiful thing. So it’s only right to start with some genuine home grown loveliness to set the mood for things to come. More on the album soon…

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Dr. Rob`s Remedy / Horace Andy: Midnight Rocker 

Veteran reggae vocalist, Horace Andy, has released a new LP, Midnight Rocker, care of Adrian Sherwood’s legendary label, On-U Sound. To celebrate, I thought I`d pick a few personal favourites from Horace`s 5 decade-spanning career….

Horace Andy – Watch Over Them – On-U Sound – 2022

Horace Andy Midnight Rocker

Horace Andy – Praise Him – Joe Gibbs – 1981

Horace Andy - Praise Him

Produced by Joe Gibbs, I pulled this from a Jah Shaka play-list. The DJ is Michael Coburn aka Jah Mike. 

Horace Andy – Don’t Think About Me – Randys – 1973

Horace Andy - Don’t Think About Me

Produced by Keith Hudson, and recorded at Vincent Chin`s Randy`s, at 17 North Parade, Kingston,  in 1973. This track was included on the classic compilation of Hudson’s work, Studio Kinda Cloudy, which came out in 1988 (and was name-checked by Saint Etienne on their single, Filthy). The song contains the line, “The time you take to check me, check yourself”, which everyone would do well to heed. 

Horace Andy – Ital Vital – Rhythm – 1974

A cool cut of Freddie McKay`s Rockabye Woman that was issued on Horace`s own label, Rhythm. I think that the DJ here is Woolton Harrison aka Jah Bull. 

Horace Andy – Fever – Studio One – 1973

Horace Andy - Fever

Produced by Clement “Coxsone” Dodd and backed by Cedric Im Brooks – billed for some reason as Im & The Agg. It was Coxsone who gave Andy his break, taking Horace under his wing in 1969. 

Horace Andy – Problems – Santic – 1975

Horace Andy - Problems

Produced by Clive, son of Vincent, Chin at Randy`s, and engineered by Errol E.T. Thompson, for Clive`s label, Santic. The story goes that Horace wrote the lyric in 2 hours after first hearing the rhythm. 

Horace Andy – Love Hangover – Bullwackies – 1983

Horace Andy - Love Hangover

A cool cover of Diana Ross` `76 hit, produced by Lloyd “Bullwackies” Barnes, in the Bronx, New York. To my ears, it`s tunes like this – the mix of stoned stripped back dread and a sweet love song – that directly influenced Massive Attack, the ground-breaking Bristol band that Horace would famously, later, join. 

Horace Andy – You Are My Angel – Jackpot – 1973

Horace Andy - You Are My Angel

Produced by Bunny Lee, and backed by The Aggrovators. One of the tunes that Horace radically reworked with Massive Attack for the album, Mezzanine, in 1998.

Horace Andy – Skylarking (A Better Version) – Jackpot – 1975

Horace Andy - Skylarking (A Better Version)

In 1972 this song was Horace`s first big bit for Coxsone at Studio 1. Featured on the Jamaica Today LP, it was picked up and played by both Sir George and Tipperone Sounds. This version was, again, produced by Bunny Lee, with The Aggrovators, and given a serious dub mix by the then Prince, now King, Jammy`s at King Tubby`s studio on Drumalie Avenue. Filtered, phased and full of severely mistreated spring reverb lightning and thunder. 

Horace Andy – Mr Bassie (Discomix) – Hungry Town – 1978

Horace Andy - Mr Bassie (Discomix)

Mr. Bassie was one of the first songs that Horace penned himself, while still at Studio One. It`s a piece that he’s frequently versioned, for a variety of producers – perhaps most famously for Everton Da Silva, in Queens, New York, for Da Silva`s Hungry Town imprint. It is a definite, definitive, Andy “signature tune”. The 12 is super expensive. Those after a vinyl copy – on a budget – should instead shell out for the brilliant Good Vibes comp.

Horace Andy – Careful – On-U Sound – 2022

Horace Andy Midnight Rocker

Horace Andy’s Midnight Rocker is out now, care of On-U Sound. 

The Chill Out Tent Edition #21 – Second Birthday Celebrations!

We’re back with a special edition of the Chill Out Tent, it’s our second birthday celebration livestream this Sunday 10/4/22 at 19:00 BST on Mixcloud live. This will be our 21st livestream since we started in April 2020 as a lockdown project in response to the global pandemic. Since then we’ve hosted over 150 films, DJ mixes, interviews, live gigs, festivals and listening sessions featuring an amazing community of artists, producers, DJ’s and creatives from all over the world.

The special 2nd birthday livestream will feature the following films and mixes:

  1. Seion – An Evening Of Ambient Music From Japan – The Resonating Sounds Of Silence (featuring Chillax, Lone Star,  Takashi Kokubo, Inomayaland, Ayane Shino) with thanks to Livemine.

2. Plastic Fantastic Sunrise Session – Coyote

3. The Chill Out Tent resident Matt Nearest Faraway at Spiritland Kings Cross, London

4. Sheepwatch Deluxe – The next instalment of our legendary ambient mix from the Chill Out Tent head honcho Chris Coco

The session will also feature music from Chris Coco, SONLIFE, Samantha Whates & Ida Wenøe and Mário Rui Silva

Dr. Rob`s Remedy / Music For Ukraine

I’ve written about this in more detail over at Ban Ban Ton Ton, but I`d just like to highlight a few projects, that have been put together by friends, associates, and musically likeminded souls, to help raise funds for humanitarian aid in war torn Ukraine. All the proceeds from these compilations are being donated to charities such as UNICEF`s Emergency Appeal and The Red Cross. 

Music From Memory’s Music For Freedom features 17 exclusives from artists with releases on either the label, or its sibling, Second Circle. These are largely mellow, ambient affairs, but Adam Oko`s High Press and Giuseppe Leonardi`s Angelo head straight for the dance-floor. 

Test Pressing`s The Sound Of Now collects a dozen cool, previously released jams – some of them highly sought after – from a long list of imprints closely associated with the website: Claremont 56, Deewee, ESP Institute, Futureboogie, Highwood Recordings, Lexx Music, Mysticisms, Phantom Island, and World Building, all contribute cuts, that in general are more uptempo than the MFM set. I guess the big coup, though is the until now unissued collaboration between Trevor Jackson and Billy Ray Martin, No Control. 

Thirdly, Wrekin Havoc are three Midlands-based friends, self-confessed “music fiends”, diggers of very rare vinyl, re-editors of European, Brexit-busting, Balearic pop, who have donated 5 prime pieces of their handiwork to charity. 

Dr. Rob`s Remedy / 2022_ 03_05

All of the following selections are based around the The Summerisle Trio`s Willows Song, something released a few weeks ago on Golden Lion Sounds. The Summerisle Trio are Sean Johnston (Hardway Bros, ALFOS), Duncan Grey (Sons Of Slough, Tici Taci), and Sarah Rebecca, and they also have a top 12 due on Is It Balearic? The label was spun out of Golden Lion pub, in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, during the pandemic, as a means of raising funds to try to keep the important music venue afloat. This single, like all of their releases, disappeared in a blink. Fingers-crossed they’ll consider doing a comp at some point. 

Sonically speaking this an ethereal electronic cover of a song taken from the soundtrack to Robin Hardy`s seminal `70s British folk / horror flick, The Wicker Man. In the film it`s sung, well mimed, by a butt naked Britt Ekland as she seduces, casts her spell over, a virginal Edward Woodward. 

summerisle trio willows song

Back in 2009 Finders Keepers put together a damn fine collection of traditional pieces that inspired the music in the film – Will O`the Wisp whispers and gently rubbed “jingalos” – of which Lodestone`s Willows Theme is one. All woodwinds and strings, serene, and certainly not sinister, it could even be a Cafe del Mar / sunset crossover. 

Willows Songs

The Summerisle Trio`s twanging guitar chords conjure the vibe of TV, film, Italian Giallo, scores, and in doing so also recall the similar homages to cult cinema made by Stereolab, and especially, Broadcast. 

Broadcast Daves Dream

Dave`s Dream is one of my favourite Broadcast tracks. It was originally released on their Extended Play E.P. in 2000, and then collected on the Future Crayon compilation in 2006, Trish Keenan`s sweet, maybe slightly eerie, at the very least strange, vocals are off set by Joe Meek-like electronics and underpinned by some damn funky drumming. Its bleeps positioning it somewhere between Stereolab and Aphex Twin. The track taps into the weirder end of `70s library music, and arguably spearheaded that whole folk horror / hauntological thing, now honed to perfection by Jim Jupp and Julian House`s label, Ghost Box. 

Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders

One of Broadcast`s influences was Luboš Fišer`s soundtrack to Jaromil Jireš` cult Czech erotic horror, Valerie A Týden Divů (Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders). The score was unreleased at the time, so initiates and devotees would carry VHS copies of the movie around in their coat pockets. It became essential viewing at select in-crowd after parties. Finders Keepers, again, did the decent thing and finally issued Fišer`s “cues” 36 years later – in 2006. The Magic Yard is the one that does it for me – a truly “enchanted” (and to be honest, creepy) suite of children’s choirs, harpsichords, and snatches of music box chimes. The melody carried by alternating reeds and tinkling keys.

When I’m waffling on about harpsichords, Roy Budd`s Hallucinations always comes to mind. Taken from Mike Hodges` brilliant, dark, gritty, and damn bleak, Michael Caine-starring `70s British gangster flick, Get Carter, it`s a slice of stoned, psychedelic funk to rival David Axelrod`s work with The Electric Prunes – their medieval madrigal-edged movers like Holy Are You and General Confessional. Plus it`s also got some lovely delay drops. 

Roy Budd Get Carter

The soundtrack was originally only available in Japan (?), and then actually missing Hallucinations. It wasn’t until 1998, when Cinephile did a deluxe, expanded reissue, that this classic cut was made officially available. DJ Harvey then included it in his scene-shaking mix, Sarcastic Study Masters Volume 2. Since then its been repressed a few times – most recently by Dynamite Cuts. 

While we’re on Get Carter, I have to mention Jah Wobble`s tabla and, of course, bass-tastic take on the film`s main theme. A skanking, moody, deep headphone meditation, an almost raga-like mantra, serenaded by wistful, weeping violin. It`s the 10” on Pressure Sounds that you need. 

Jah Wobble Get Carter

Following Trish Keenan`s tragic death in 2011, two bands who`ve picked up the baton from Broadcast are the Cathy Lucas-led Vanishing Twin and Swedish duo, Death & Vanilla. 

Vanishing Twin

It Sends My Heart Into A Spin was initially a digital bonus included with Vanishing Twin`s debut LP, Choose Your Own Adventure. It was later pressed up on a 10” for Record Store Day. I love everything the group`s done, but this was the song which had me hooked – and it`s possibly their most “balearic” number, due to the sampled chants, and great bass-line, which resembles Stereolab`s marvelous  Metronomic Underground. 

Death And Vanilla

Death & Vanilla`s early retrospective LP, titled EP, released in 2013, collected all of their recorded work to date onto vinyl for the first time. Piecing together self-published files and CDs, and assorted one-offs produced for other labels. The, again, harpsichord haunted, The Dödens Vaniljsås Theme is Joe Meek`s Tornados meet the river boat / dream sequence in Charles Laughton`s The Night Of The Hunter, while Ghosts In The Machine, goes in heavy with that spooky David Lynch / Angelo Badalamenti / Twin Peaks tremolo guitar. Running in parallel to the Liminanas` tributes to the French rock`n`roll, ye-ye sound, and / or David Holmes` “noir” Unloved project, plus stirring in super nostalgic stuff such as John Barry`s The Persuaders! TV theme (which was coincidently also covered by Jah Wobble).

For more musical musings, from Dr. Rob, Balearic Mike, Dennis Kane, Cal Gibson, Adam Turner, and house music expert, The Insider, please visit Ban Ban Ton Ton.

Please don’t forget that Chris and Matt from The Chillout Tent takeover London’s Spiritland, in Kings Cross, this Sunday as part of their fortnightly residency. Do join `em if you can.

Dr. Rob`s Remedy 2022_ 03_01

I played a few tunes on the radio in tribute to singer / songwriter, Mark Lanegan, who sadly passed away on February 22nd. Over at Ban Ban Ton Ton, I’ve gone on at some length about Mark`s brilliant collaboration with Isobel Campbell, Ballad Of The Broken Seas, about how special, important, that particular album is to me…

However, here are two more tracks…

Soulsavers – Revival – V2 – 2007

Mark Lanegan - Soulsavers

Mark supplied guest vocals to Soulsavers` 2007 set, It’s Not How Far You Fall, It’s The Way You Land, from which this epic, organ-led shot of gospel is taken. Those keys conjure classic Muscle Shoals, and the drums are fit to break a levee. The production feeding Bob Dylan and The Band through Primal Scream`s Screamadelica. Lanegan`s scorched, seared, singing summons a protagonist who’s both walked on gilded splinters, and filled his brains with poison. Full of regret, and reaching for redemption. “Trying to get my hands clean in dirty water”, is such a great line. 

Revival just happens to be one of the 90 odd songs / essential sonic treasures jotted down in Andrew Weatherall`s Black Notebooks

Mark Lanegan Band – Beehive (Andrew Weatherall Dub) – Heavenly – 2017

Mark Lanegan - Weatherall

So here’s Mr. Lanegan remixed by Mr. Weatherall – part of a package entitled Still Life With Roses, which saw tracks from the album, Gargoyle, also reworked by Adrian Sherwood, Not Waving, and Pye Corner Audio. Weatherall transforms this slice of stadium rock into big room techno-not-techno – as if bashed out by a speeding skiffle band, Wild Billy Childish and his Blackhands on woodblocks and a packing case kick drum. Lightning-like sky-scoring shards of guitar soar above a b-line that vamps around Coltrane`s A Love Supreme. As the 9 nearly 10 minutes reach their climax, these are joined by a mad, manic strum. Originally released in an extremely limited vinyl edition, this was recently made available / affordable to mere mortals on the Heavenly Recordings remix collections, Volumes 3 & 4. 

Mark Lanegan Rest In Peace.

For more musical musings, from Dr. Rob, Balearic Mike, Dennis Kane, Cal Gibson, Adam Turner, and house music expert, The Insider, please visit Ban Ban Ton Ton.

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