Amy Douglas & Tim Wagner @ Chill Out Tent #7

Here’s a ten minute sampler of Amy and Tim’s ‘Golden Sphere’ mini documentary from our last event, our Brooklyn brethren talk music and much more…

The Chill Out Tent #7 – T Modet DJ Set

T Modet made a wonderful film for The Chill Out Tent Edition 7. Here’s what she said about the film and the music:

T Modet’s music references always take us back to the origins. That’s why we went with a shooting team deep into nature, into a cave, a few kilometers away from Barcelona. As T Modet was playing her set, the birds were singing and the forest was shining. Then we went into the editing room and we mixed the set in the cave with T Modet’s favourite movie: “In The Land Of The Headhunters”. The movie is from 1914 and it depicts the adventure of a native american heroe. As we were in the cave listening to the music and picturing the images of the movie in our heads, it really felt like going back to some lost roots that felt more familiar than one could expect.

About the music:
This eclectic selection is made from balearic beat and electronic music. It’s an invitation to transport yourself into that cave and dance with your ancestors.

The Chill Out Tent – Jose Padilla Archive Playlist

We’ve curated a playlist of beautiful music to help remember and celebrate the life of Jose Padilla. These are tracks that appeared in his legendary mixtapes, charts that he shared and some of his own timeless productions. They all provide an insight into Jose’s balearic blueprint of ambient, electronics, classical, new-age, film scores, jazz and rock all going into the mix. If we’ve missed some essential tracks let us know…

Jose Padilla – A Life in Music

Jose Padilla was a friend, mentor and inspiration to many people in the Chill Out Tent community. His passing is a huge loss to all who knew him and his work. We pass on our thoughts and condolences to all his friends and family at this sad time.

We are working on an appropriate way to mark Jose’s passing in the coming weeks, until that’s possible we’ve compiled an archive of material to remember him by, articles, interviews, films, mixtapes and performances all celebrating a life in music. If we’ve missed anything, let us know and we can update this page accordingly. Adios Jose…

The classic Interviews; with Bill Brewster, with Hostal La Torre,

Tributes; DJ Harvey, Financial Times, Guardian, Test Pressing, Ban Ban Ton Ton, Ban Ban Ton Ton, Real Ibiza, Andy Wilson, Phat Phil Cooper, Mark Broadbent, The Real Ibiza, Pete Fowler, Pete Fowler, Francois K, Francois K, Is it Balearic?, Bill Brewster, Apiento & Phil Mison, Pete Gooding & Mark Barrott, Hobbes Music,

His musical legacy: The genre defining Cafe del Mar compilation albums really should be a starting point into Jose’s world.

Jose’s complete discography of albums, singles, EP’s and compilations, also on Spotify.

Those Legendary Mixtapes:

Jose’s Mixcloud channel, full of radio shows and mixtapes for stations like Ibiza Sonica, some great shows here, particular favourites of ours being his series of ‘Back to My Roots’ shows.

The legendary series of cassette mixtapes sold over the counter and the Cafe del Mar have been widely digitised, they provide an insight into Jose’s balearic blueprint of ambient, electronics, classical, new-age, film scores and rock all going into the mix…

Listen to; Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4, Vol 7, Vol 27,


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The Chill Out Tent Edition #7

On Sunday 25th October 2020 we’ll be streaming our next edition of the Chill Out Tent. We’ve got a packed programme of awesome music and films carefully curated for your chilling pleasure, the show starts at 18:00 GMT.

We begin in Yorkshire with a film from Flash Atkins / Stubb to celebrate the release of his new album. Next we’re sharing the fabulous Nightmares on Wax / Warp records ‘Smokers Delight’ 25th Anniversary film. Then we take a trip to Brighton beach for some late Summer sun with 1BTN radio and their excellent DJ rosta. In amongst the music we’ve also got the ‘Golden Sphere’ a mini documentary with singer Amy Douglas & producer Tim Wagner. The we all end up in a cave somewhere near Barcelona for the after party hosted by T-Modet.

If you’ve joined us before you know how things roll, great music, stunning visuals and the lovely Chill Out Tent community sharing the love in the chatrooms. All in super high quality with our streaming partners Livefrom and Mixcloud Live. See you on Sunday!

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The Chill Out Tent – Chris Coco (under a tree)

Our curator in chief and super chilled DJ Chris Coco played an ambient, pre sunset set, up the hill, under a tree for the La Casella stream on The Chill Out Tent. He was sporting a fine, cosmic shirt and trouser combo too, it has to be said. Here is that very spacey mix.

Beverly Glenn Copeland – Sunset Village

Our Chill Out Tent classic this week is the sublime ‘Sunset Village’ from Beverly Glenn Copeland, originaly released on cassette in 1986. It remained relatively unknown until a few year ago where it began to circulate among collectors. This rediscovery has lead to a second blossoming of his career, a documentary biopic, the re- release of his full discography and recognition of the significance of his new age, folk, electronica compositions. Enjoy the music and films below, don’t miss his RBMA interview and who knows maybe we can get to see him perform live one day soon?

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