Northern Disco Lights Documentary

We’re sharing a full screening of the fantastic Northern Disco Lights (2016) documentary as part of our Scandinavian themed Edition #12 of the Chill Out Tent.

Northern Disco Lights tells the untold story of a group of teenagers in the arctic city of Tromsø, who set off a chain of events that would go on to transform their country. To escape the boredom of growing up in a remote outpost, they created their own music scene, setting up radio stations, parties, building synthesizers and making tunes. Word spread as like-minded souls recognised the call to arms and they inspired a generation of kids who would go on to change dance music and Norway forever.

The film is proving to be one of the most exciting music documentaries of recent years and the soundtrack features modern Norwegian classics, forgotten underground bubblers and curveballs from some of the country’s finest producers as it charts the scene’s development.

Often labelled as ‘space’ or ‘cosmic’ disco it is so much more than that and the distinctly Norwegian sound has elements of pop, psychedelia, techno and Krautrock, all tied together with something you can’t quite put your finger on.

The superb soundtrack from the film is available via Paper Recordings here.

Helene Rickhard x the Chill Out Tent

We’re really pleased to be able to welcome Helen Rickhard to the Chill Out Tent, her all vinyl set from Oslo, Norway opens the event for Edition #12 this Sunday. Rune Lindaek calls Helene ‘the Balearic and cosmic disco queen of Norway‘ She’s a well respected DJ with a Boiler Room set under her belt and experienced producer, the video below is for a track she released on Rune’s Drum Island Records.

Edit 2/4/21 – Here’s the audio of Helene’s super chilled mix from Edition #12 of the Chill Out Tent…

And here’s the Spotify playlist she curated for us…

The Chill Out Tent Edition #12

This coming Sunday 28th March is the 12th monthly Edition of the Chill Out Tent. We’ve been coming together on the last Sunday of each month to celebrate music, art, culture and community for a whole year. What started as a lock down project has grown into an extended global family of supporters, contributors and friends, and to all who have been involved we say a huge ‘thank you!‘ for encouraging us all the way to our first birthday and hopefully beyond.

You can see in our flyer posted above that we’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with legendary artist and illustrator Pete Fowler. The stunning artwork in the flyer is a partial section of an awesome design that Pete created for our birthday celebrations. We’ll be unveiling the whole piece and it’s related merch later this week, expect some excellent T-shirts and totes in eye popping colours.

We’ve got a really special, really chilled international line up for this months birthday event, full details on all the guests & artists over the next couple days. It’ll be the first day of British Summer time and it’s a full moon too, all pretty good vibes we reckon…

17:45 – Welcome & aperitifs – some new music and videos to get the party started

18:00 – Helene Rickhard – DJ set

18:45 – Northern Disco Lights – Documentary

20:00 – Rune Lindbaek – Drum Island Records Megamix

20:30 – A Man Called Adam – present their film ‘A Love Forgotten’

20:45 – Christian Len – Balearic Author

21:00 – Jose Padilla – Vintage Cafe del Mar mix

21:30 – Toby Tobias – After Party

Between these sections we’re also featuring films & music from Obay Alsharani.

Join us on Mixcloud Live at 17:45 BST

Order your limited edition Chill Out Tent x Pete Fowler t-shirts HERE

Who Remembers the Chill Out Room? Idler Magazine.

The Chill Out Tent have been talking to the legendary Idler magazine about chill out culture and the rise and fall (and rise again) of the chill out space. We’ve been invited to write a substantial article for the Summer edition of one of our favourite magazines which we’re busy researching right now. Some of this research has been inspired by conversations in the newly resurgent forum over at Test Pressing, where a global community come together to discuss all things musical. Tom Hodgkinson has written a great piece in his weekly ‘Letter from the Editor’ to remind his readers of the many joys of the chillout room.

In the chill out room you were licensed to stare into space and do nothing. You might also meet new people and could end up chatting happily to a hod-carrier from Leatherhead (to quote a gag made by the late great Gavin Hills) or an ex-Etonian lawyer. It was by turns meditative and convivial, and was a place to hear fantastic music by Sven Väth, Aphex Twin, Brian Eno and a myriad others, plus the obligatory whalesong. In the chill out room you listened to music in a different way.Full article here…

Róisín Murphy Live @ Home in Ibiza

12/3/21- Our Queen Róisín Murphy performs ‘Incapable’ – ‘Murphy’s Law’ – ‘Something More’ live from her back garden in our spiritual home in the campo in Ibiza! Features guitarists Gabriel Zurdo and Matteo Crocetti, a massive dog and a big red tractor 🙂

Gerry Rooney – The Chill Out Tent Mix

This is the Audio of Gerry Rooney‘s excellent DJ set first streamed in the February edition of The Chill Out Tent. The set was filmed at our London home from Home – The Dartmouth Arms / Disappearing Dining Club. This set caused quite a stir with it’s un-Shazamable tracklist of secret weapons getting the Discogs crew very excited…

Gerry is half of Velvet Seasons and the Heart Of Gold who make excellent music and edits, mostly vinyl only, mostly hard to track down. He was also half of the legendary Black Cock edit label with DJ Harvey. Here he plays a great eclectic set of downtempo tunes for dancing.

The Chill Out Tent x Rob da Bank

We are honoured and excited to say that Rob da Bank invited us to do a guest mix for his new Worldwide FM radio show. The festival promoting, record label running, yoga doing legend has a new show that goes out at 7pm every Sunday evening. Playing his signature mix of ‘ambient soundscapes, leftfield rarities, global oddities and vintage cuts from Rob’s dusty library’. We put together a 45 minute mix to give Rob’s listeners a flavour of our signature Chill Out Tent sound, have a listen via the Mixcloud link below.

Track Listing

1. Blue Sky Thinking (Episode 7-8)Ruf Dug

2. Outside (Laraaji Mix)Eddie Chacon

3. Sondags Beste Rune Lindbaek

4. Midnight CalmChris Coco

5. Pheonix – Jim

6. Cosa Ti Va Jpye & Renato

7. Disco SoleNew Guinea

8. Private SunshineLou Hayter

9. Secret Song – Common Saints

KHAO ROP – Sarah Bates

We’re really excited to be able to share the amazing KHAO ROP from Sarah Bates in the the February version of the Chill Out Tent, it’s Edition #11and it happening this Sunday 28/2/21 at 18:00 GMT. A hallucinatory film, blending Sarah’s music and video work into an immersive journey, it’s not available on line so make sure you join us on Sunday!

‘Thailand is Sarah’s spiritual home. Just before the bug hit, Sarah & her daughter spent months in the jungle over there; she returned to a very different world but was still full of the sun.

Suddenly locked down in her house, Sarah escaped into the hours of video she’d shot while away, working non-stop on assembling a staggering moving collage that’s as far removed from a set of holiday snaps as you could possibly imagine.

With her music production rig set up next to her video workstation, she composed an entirely new soundtrack to match the film – nine classic Sarah Bates moody melters – and after many months of ridiculously hard work, KHAO ROP is now ready for you to discover.

Put simply, it’s an alternate reality that you can disappear into. You will be consumed by this film. There are many meanings to be discovered in it, or u can just blaze one and let it roll over you.’

Sarah Bates – Bandcamp.Instagram

Check the live set below for a flavour of Sarah’s live sound…

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