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Building the Beat: Inside Legendary Roland TR-808 Tracks

This week’s Chill Out Tent Classic isn’t a track or a song, we’re going to honour the classic Roland TR-808 drum machine in the week of the 8th day of the 8th month, it’s the legendary machine’s 40th birthday! The legacy of the TR-808’s boom transcends genre—touching on everything from hip-hop and R&B to techno… Continue Reading →

Danielle Moore Playlist

We’ve just added this great downtempo disco playlist from the star of our last after party, Danielle Moore from Crazy P. Get the wine on ice, it’s a banger!

Coyote – The Chill Out Tent #4

We’re really happy to be able to share the film of Coyote’s set from our Chill Out Tent #4 event last month, An hour of sublime music from the guys and beautiful visuals from Mark Warrington. Thanks to all for creating such a beautiful thing…

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